[Stormrage][A] ⭐Efficient⭐ (8/9H) LF DPS

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Hey there! <Efficient> is a newly formed progression & PVP guild on Stormrage-US Alliance. We are primarily focused on farming Heroic while pushing into and clearing Mythic. We also offer Rated Arenas, RBGs and tons of Mythic + as well as achievement/transmog runs. 

What we want:
910+ item level
52 traits in your main artifact weapon
Viable off specs are encouraged but not required

What we need:

Considering any DPS but high need for 
Balance Druid
Demon Hunter

Required Addons and Voice Chat:
RC Loot Council
BigWigs or Deadly Boss Mods

More details about our loot rules can be found at https://www.efficientguild.com/loot

Current Progression: 8/9H 9/9N
Raid Times: Wednesday & Thursday 10:00 p.m - 1:00 a.m EST
Optional Sunday 10 p.m EST

Karma#12379 (Kàrmâ, GM/Recruitment)
Miny#11513 (Tehexdlaymow, Co-GM/Raid Lead)
Bege#1813 (Begees, PVP Lead)

For more information please contact one of the btags listed above or check out our website below


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