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Huge Tip for Timeless Isle Grinders

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You can trade for tokens others received from rare mobs you also tagged. 


For example, let's say you, a Warlock, and an ungrouped Warrior kill the same rare mob.  Let's say the Warlock gets Plate Shoulder token and the Warrior gets a Cloth Belt token.  YOU CAN TRADE THEM!  You both were eligible for the loot, so you can trade them!


THIS WORKS ON BURDENS OF ETERNITY!  If a mass of people kill Huolon, someone likely got a Burden.  If it was you, YOU CAN SELL IT OR GIVE IT TO A FRIEND WHO ALSO TAGGED HUOLON!!!  I sold a Burden yesterday thinking it would give me an error message when I clicked accept to trade. 


For you guys trying to gear up, offer some gold for Burdens dropping.  For those looking for gold, get a Burden, sell it.  EVERYONE WINS!

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Yep. I actually grouped up with another  shaman or  druid, I forget, that was a WoW-buddy of a WoW-buddy and we ended up having to trade a couple items that the other needed  more.

I don't know about the  burdens though but that would be pretty awesome. Thanks for the tip!

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