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Skeletal Mages AI

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Anyone else getting frustrated over the Skeletal MageSkeletal Mage AI?

The most common thing is that whatever is left last in an elite pack is completely ignored by the mages for quite some time and you run out of essence trying to get it down with skeletons and resummoning mages and it was a little scary when pushing GR70 having 9/10 mages just floating around while you get hammered.

Currently collecting for a proper lance build instead since I'm not gonna progress in GR any more with terrible AI and not for the first time I might add. GargantuanGargantuan is the prime example of bad AI and they managed to mess up the Skeletal Mages as well, not sure whom on Blizzard thinks it's ok to leave the pet AI this bad throughout the years.

//rant over.

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I remember when the follower/pets AI was on point to where they wouldn't get stuck on things, wouldn't stand around doing nothing, etc etc. Then there was a major patch adding... something or other, don't remember anymore, but after the patch, the AI was broken. I think they've patched it up a little bit but it's nowhere near as good as it used to be. 

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