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Question about Death Knight Unholy in arenas.

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Hello guys.

I have really important for me question. I started my journey with pvp arenas and have really big problems with talents and sometime with good damage/burst.


This is my talents what i used now:

56 level - Ebon Fever

57 - Blightened Rune Weapon

58 - Unholy Frenzy

60 - Asphyxiate

75 - Corpse Shield

90 - Infected Claws

100 - Soulreaper


Im trying all time Outbreak on all targets. Im using all time necrotic strike and death coil. Some time i was tried opener:


Festering Strike

Festering Strike


Apocalypse (im detonating 4 stacks from target).


In middle of fight im using festering strike and after this spamming necrotic strike and death coil.

Im doing something wrong? I was seen many death knight using 56 level talent All Will Serve or Bursting Sores. This talents works better than Ebon Fever? Please some experienced dk give tips new one ^^


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All will serve is used in situations where your pet is likely to die quicker than your cooldown would allow a resummon.

Bursting Sores is used when fighting compositions that are unlikely to allow any significant uptime of your virulent plague.

Source: Multi-2400 UHDK. Dullahan - Emerald Dream

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