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[Silvermoon][A] <Ad Fundum> (ToS 9/9H) Recruiting

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Ad Fundum: To the bottom

Hello and thank you for taking your time reading through our recruitment post! Currently, our raiding roster is incomplete and we'd love to have you with us. For those who aren’t interested in raiding, we would still be happy to have you join our guild and join in on fun discussions or our discord to chat while doing dungeons or other content as a social member. When it comes to raiding all we ask of you, is to bring your best, you don't have to be a battle-scared mythic raider. 

To describe the average player in our guild; awesome and fun humour, extremely helpful and an abundance of patience. That's all that we ask for our members, to always try their best and always looking to improve and learn, because no one is perfect. We've moved into Heroic and cleared 9/9H. We're moving into more serious raiding, preparing for antorous, so we do ask that you have ilvl req at min 910 and some raiding experience

*We are not however moving into Mythic until there's a demand from all raiders in the core team.*

Raid times are Friday and Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 server time
Recruitment status and requirement

We're looking for 2Healers and Dps 

We're currently recruiting for our core team roster, we do Alt runs on Fridays to see how people deal with a raid environment, so you'll have to join on those as-well to begin with. 

- Discord - it’s always easier to communicate and do fast call outs via talking rather than writing. Speaking English is a given.
- Attendance - we will expect an high attendance and whenever you can’t, inform the raid leader or any of the raid members.
- Preparation, we ask all our raid members to prepare before an raid night with consumables as well as gemmed and enchanted gear.
- Being able to handle a mature environment, at the very least, age 16 and above.
- Patience and the will to learn and improve.
- Attend at least two lockouts before to be considered into Raider rank.

The last step is obviously to contact us. Feel free to whisper our Guild Master Elyris, or one of our raid leaders Corth Or Labalas, you could also add me at Hoveringbean#2744 if you have any questions, please feel free to ask and don't be afraid, we don't bite ;)

Disclaimer: guild chat and Discord could include humour from somewhat crude to borderline wrong humor and comments. Be prepared, bring a tough stomach, we try to keep it at a minimum but we will not have a restriction to any amount of swearing or ''jokes''. We do not tolerate racism or hate speech for the purpose of hate.

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New recruitment status

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