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Help on my Lock and Trainning Dummy and WoL

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Hello guys!


Its my first time using this forum so I may be asking something silly....


I play my destro lock since late cata's and since 5.1 I raid with her.


The thing is that I believe I am underperforming in comparison with some other players. Yesterday we ran SoO flex 2º wing with both cores of my guild and while some players were scoring around 300k~400k dps i was stuck on 180k....


I wont be raiding with those guys until the weekend so I cant really post a log of the encounters until there.


But my main question is: A Trainning Dummy log is enough to evaluate if i am doing something (terrible) wrong?


I just installed my WoL client, is there any isseu in submiting my Log if my WoW isnt in English? Or to get a 'usable' log I must run the encounters with my WoW iin English?


Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/pt/character/goldrinn/arkana/simple

Reforges and Gems I get from askmrrobot

Rotation and CDs I get from noxxic and Icy-veins websites.


Thank you for the help!

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You'll want to run an LFR for better numbers.  In that environment you *should* be rolling with all the buffs you'll have in raid.  It will give you a more accurate picture of where you're at, and it helps us to compare what you're doing to what we know about each fight.


Logs not in English are difficult for a lot of us to decipher, however.

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Here are the logs from the last HoF wing.







I had some issues on addons not traking my procs after I changed WoW's language, but I believe this data will sufice =)


Thanks for the help!

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