Anyone Have A Thorns/Pet Build For Necro?

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Been working on one, but then the new season started up so I've been running a different character. I was pushing a 60 grift tho, but was having trouble past that. I had Sanguinary Vambraces on but I don't think those proc often enough. Anyone know what the average rate for that is? Also, what counts as a resource-spending attack to proc Obsidian? For instance, do Skeletal Mages count? I was also trying to get Krysbin's working but I'm thinking that's doing too many different things on this build, especially since I don't really want to stun or freeze enemies when running a thorns build.


[edit: Does Briggs' Wrath proc Krysbin's?]

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Anything that costs essence would qualify as a resource consuming attack, so yes, skeleton mages count for that.

The main issue you encounter with Obsidian Ring is that most builds simply don't have room for it.  Krysbin's is too important to give up, and travelers pledge is completely OP compared to most other options.  If you are using skeleton mages you want the ring that gives you double mages over anything else as well.  Other builds will utilize briggs for grouping mobs up, or wear unity, or use their jewelry cube slot on something like Johnstone or Wisdom of Kalan.

As far as thorns-mancer goes, I hear it's REALLY underwhelming considering how difficult it is to gear it up (it's an LoN build).

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