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Can't seem to win Arena

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Scumbag top deck of the day: Ice Block @ 1 HP with full minions vs Rogue with 16 health.

Took Rogue down to 1 HP and passed. Rogue uses "Druid Spell", activates Ice Block.

Rogue forfeits.


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44 minutes ago, EpicHyato said:

No surprise.. lost at 4 wins again. No way to go past 4, and I'm drawing the best cards. They were free keys, so it must go to show this game is Pay to Win.

Arena has nothing to do with pay 2 win - your card pool is totally irrelevant.

The average wins in an arena run are 2,9X, Getting 4 wins isn't bad, it is better then the average!

Don't make the mistake of watching the Hearthstone Youtuber and all the 12 win runs and taking that as somehting common. It is not. 

But it definitly is possible to get more then 4 wins. My last 100 arena runs gave me an average of 5.4 wins per run. And I didn't invest any money. Like I said, arena draft is independent of your card pool.

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learn to trade efficiently, are draft for value, two mana cards you should have eight to ten of.

although with the free arenas for the festival, you have alot of noobs who just go face and you get screwed trying to trade.

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