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Hi guys,

I need some pro help to learn to heal properly with my druid.

I started to play 3 months ago and I've tried to follow build, tips, place proper hots but I always get a very low efficiency index in raid logs with my guild (and with other people).

My ilvl is currently 906, I have two legendaries, and my artifact is at max level. I do have two other legendaries in my bags: Prydaz and Xoni's. Below are my current stats:


Here are a couple of logs of this week raids:

ToS nm (only 5 bosses): https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/DWz34VPQ9aHtXp6C

Another ToS nm (except KJ): https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/dXFnKbqAk43cahxr

I think my HPS are rather lacking in comparison to other healers, even though I am not that far away gear-wise. It's so frustrating to see 11-20% of efficiency :(

I'd appreciate any constructive opinion you have and thanks in advance.


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I took a look at a couple of your encounters.  On some, you're showing ~75% based on ilevel.  The one I'll focus on is Hermanas de la Luna.  For that one, you were closer to 36%.

The first thing that sticks out to me is your Cenarion Ward (Resguardo de Cenarius).  On a 5 minute fight, with a 30sec cd, you'd expect to see 9-10 casts of this.  The log shows 3.  This is one spot where you've taken a talent but aren't really using it.  You want to get this out as much as you can.

Another similar point is Lifebloom.  At a 15sec cd, we'd expect to see that cast ~20 times.  We get 14.  That's listing at 79.22% uptime.  It should be a goal to keep this at 100%.

I see one cast of Esencia de G'Hanir.  That's something that will provide an incredible boost to your HoTs if used well.  The cast came at 1:07 into the fight.  If I look at healing at 1:07, it remained pretty flat.  That made me take a look at the total damage taken at 1:07 and there wasn't that much.  It would have given you a lot more at ~0:50 or 1:50.  Timing this will do quite a bit for your efficiency.

The last thing that seems somewhat obvious is Floracion.  With 8 casts, that means you had a maximum uptime of 4:00, or close to that 80% again.  While it may have been your top overall heal, you lost a lot from it.  Looking at it providing 15mil heals with only 80% uptime, an estimate of the lost healing is 3.75mil (that's assuming a random distribution of when it wasn't out.  It could be more or less depending on how much damage was taking place when it wasn't out).  While not a HUGE thing, that would have increased your HPS by 12,500.

This is my first expansion healing so I've spent a bit of time looking through my logs trying to find places for improvement.  When I started playing druid, it was an interesting dynamic to me.  My other healers were very reactive.  See damage.  Heal damage.  But, that's not how you can play a druid and excel.  Druids are very proactive.  You need to know the fight and understand when damage will come.  You need to prepare for this.  When you're getting close to the absorbs on everyone, start spamming out rejuv to everyone.  When the absorbs hit, cast Esencia de G'Hanir to get that rolling faster.  Look at using the talent to extend the HoTs if needed.  Know when you'll NEED tranquility and try to weave usage in 3min prior to get the maximum benefit from it.  Keep Lifebloom and Cenarion Ward on the tank on cd (Sometimes I cheat and move Lifebloom to another target taking a lot of damage.  But, if they'll be done taking damage in a few seconds, you really lose a lot of the benefit here.)  Mastery has me making a point to keep both tanks with as many HoTs as I can at all times so I can benefit when I need to spot heal on them.  The 2set from NH is still very powerful. 

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Thanks a lot for your analysis, natasftw.

In the last days I realize that druids are a class more complicated (for healing) than I'd figured. I've analyzed my logs and those of other healers in my guild and discovered, as you saw, that my heals are more powerful if I can prevent damage before it's done.

Since I'm playing for a relative short time, there are many fights I don't know at all (my guild is focused at ToS, and therefore I've never done NH, EN or ToV). I see that when I can manage the environment and phases with ease, the hps grows accordingly.

I tried to follow some of your indications yesterday in NH hc, and think I've done better:


However, I've read carefully your advices and I'll try to improve those things: more casts of some hots like CW o LB, and also a better management of Essence of G'Hanir and Flourish, that could push my numbers.

I'll try to "study" the combats reading guides and searching for tacts. I think that it's the best way for improvement and play heal druid.

Thanks for your help.

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      Also there is one big question – 7.3 I read about GD T21 and have very bad set bonus.
      What do you think about DK bonuses. When bone shield is consumed the cooldown of DRW is reduced by 3s, 4p When DRW fades, rune regeneration is increased by 15% for 10 sec. I know it’s just PTR but still.
      I will be glad for every opinion.