[Mok'Nathal] [A] <Warriors of the Sun VII> (9/9N) LF All Players

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<Warriors of the Sun VII> is looking for raiders and casual players of every level to enjoy the game with. We raid every Friday night at 9:30 PM EST.

Reply to this post with your character name and server, or message Seanthedemon-Mok'Nathal ingame for more info or to join!


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    • By Stan

      While Kul Tirans are not a confirmed Allied Race, they are marked as player and NPC races in the game files. In this preview, we're looking at their customization options as of Alpha Build 26095.
      Adding NPCs to playable races makes customization easier when Blizzard generates mobs for the open world. A great example are the Lightforged Draenei of Argus. They were marked as a playable races first and used to create Argus mobs. Blizzard added them later as a playable Allied Race. Kul Tirans have been added in Battle for Azeroth and they may become a new Allied Race in the future. Mag'har Orcs as an Allied Race are confirmed for the Horde and the faction's also recruiting the Zandalari Trolls to their ranks, so it would make perfect sense for Kul Tirans to join the Alliance at some point.
      Would you play a Kul Tiran? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!
      Customization Options
      This is a very early preview of customization options available to Kul Tirans. Expect more options to be added in future builds.
      Skin Tones


      Hair Styles

      Hair Color


    • By Jovovich
      World of Warcraft - [Horde][US-Arthas]Unhuman - Francais - 5/11M - www.unhuman.ca
      Unhuman est à la recherche de nouveaux visages qui seraient intéressés à joindre ses rangs!
      Forum: http://forum.unhuman.ca/forum/7-recrutement/
      - [Raid] Undying AtBT: 5/11M, 2soir, Mardi et Mercredi 7h30pm à 10h30hpm  (EST)
      - [Raid] Baguettes & Squareheads AtBT: 5/11M, 2soir, Mardi et Jeudi 7h30pm à 10h30hpm (EST)
      - [Raid] Try Hard AtBT: 0/11M, 1soir, Lundi 7hpm à 10h30hpm  (EST)
      - [Raid] Casual as Fuck AtBT: 11/11H, 1soir, Mercredi 7hpm à 10h30hpm  (EST)
      - [PvP] Unhuman RBG: 1200 rating, 1soir Dimanche des 9hpm (EST)
      - Plus de  410 accounts
      Unhuman est plus qu'une guilde de raiding performante, c'est aussi la plus grosse communauté Francophone sur World of Warcraft US. Depuis sa création en 2006, Unhuman cherche à offrir à ses raiders un environnement de jeu qui favorise la progression et ce avec des joueurs d'excellent calibre. Nous sommes constamment à la recherche de nouveaux joueurs que ce soit PVE ou PVP, mais aussi des masters du Pet Battles, des champions de l'Archéologie ou peu importe ce qui vous branche ingame. Vous êtes donc assuré de trouver ce que vous cherchez chez nous peu importe votre style de jeu.
      Pour toutes questions...
      - http://unhuman.ca/
      - Jovovich-Arthas, Guild Master
      - Falfuris-Arthas, Officier
      - Shockadins-Arthas, Officier
    • By Jovovich
      World of Warcraft - [Horde][US-Arthas]Unhuman - French - 5/11M - www.unhuman.ca
      Unhuman is RECRUITING!
      Forum: http://forum.unhuman.ca/forum/7-recrutement/
      - [Raid] Undying AtBT: 5/11M, 2day, Tuesday and Wednesday 7h30pm to 10h30hpm  (EAST)
      - [Raid] Baguettes & Squareheads AtBT: 5/11M, 2day, Tuesday and Thursday 7h30pm to 10h30hpm (EAST)
      - [Raid] Try Hard AtBT: 0/11M, 1day, Monday 7hpm to 10h30hpm (EAST)
      - [Raid] Casual as Fuck AtBT: 11/11H, 1day, Wednesday 7hpm to 10h30hpm (EAST)
      - [PvP] Unhuman RBG: 1200 rating, 1day Sunday starting at 9hpm (EAST)
      - More than 410 account
      Unhuman is a performing raiding guild with multiple raid groups, it's one of the biggest, for not saying the biggest one, french community on World of Warcraft US. Unhuman has been created in December 2006 and will continue to live for a long time, Unhuman is trying to give to our raiders everything they need to be focus only on good progression!. Unhuman is always looking for new players of all kind, PvE or PvP, even with Battle pets or Archeologists or anything else you can do in the game....You will be sure to find your way with Unhuman!
      For any question...
      - http://unhuman.ca/
      - Jovovich-Arthas, Guild Master
      - Falfuris-Arthas, Officier
      - Shockadins-Arthas, Officier
    • By Stan

      We're back with another round of talent updates. This week's Alpha Build affects Retribution Paladins and Elemental Shamans.
      Welcome to another preview of latest talent updates in Battle for Azeroth. This week's Alpha Build focuses on Retribution Paladins & Elemental Shamans class changes.
      We also updated our Battle for Azeroth Class Changes preview with all changes listed here.
      Demon Hunter
      Void Reaver is a new level 110 talent. Paladin
      New Mastery - Mastery: Hand of Light
      Final Verdict (level 15 talent) removed. Greater Judgment is now a level 15 talent (was 30). Consecration is now a level 60 talent (was 15). Righteous Verdict is a new level 15 talent. Blade of Wrath is now a level 30 talent (up from 60). Zeal (level 30 talent) removed. Hammer of Wrath is now a level 30 talent. Virtue's Blade (level 60 talent) removed,  Divine Vengeance is a new level 60 talent. Wake of Ashes moved to level 60 (was previously a level 100 talent). Divine Hammer (level 60 talent removed). Inquisition is a new level 100 talent. Latest Talents
      Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3 15 Greater Judgment Righteous Verdict *new* Execution Sentence 30 The Fires of Justice Blade of Wrath Hammer of Wrath *new* 45 Fist of Justice Repentance Blinding Light 60 Divine Vengeance *new* Consecration Wake of Ashes *new* 75 Cavalier Unbreakable Spirit Eye for an Eye 90 Judgment of Light Justicar's Vengeance Word of Glory 100 Divine Purpose Crusade Inquisition *new* Shaman
      Spirit Wolf moved to level 30 talents (up from 45). Aftershock moved to level 60 talents (down from 30). Elemental Mastery (level 30 talent) was renamed to Master of the Elements and moved to level 60 talents. Earth Shield is now a level 30 talent (up from 45). Volcanic Rage (level 30 talent) removed. Static Charge moved to level 30 talents (up from 45). Echo of the Elements is now a level 45 talent (up from 60). Elemental Blast is now a level 45 talent (up from 60) Icefury is now a level 45 talent. Liquid Magma Totem moved to level 60 talents (was 90). Electric Discharge (level 100 talent) renamed to Elemental Attunement. Latest Talents
      Level Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3 15 Earthen Rage Molten Fury *new* Totem Mastery 30 Spirit Wolf *new* Earth Shield Static Charge *new* 45 Echo of the Elements *new* Elemental Blast *new* Icefury *new* 60 Aftershock Storm Elemental Liquid Magma Totem 75 Nature's Guardian Seismic Armor *new* Ancestral Guidance 90 High Voltage *new* Primal Elementalist Master of the Elements 100 Elemental Attunement *new* Stormkeeper Ascendance Warlock
      Overloaded (level 60 talent) renamed to Raging Imps. Warrior
      Unbridled Wrath (level 75 talent removed) > Coming Soon. Previous Talent Changes
      Alpha Build 26032 Talent Changes Alpha Build 25976 Talent Changes
    • By terence
      <Shattering> [US-Stormrage] (10/11M 9/9M) is a 2-day, late night, weekend Mythic raid. We are looking for progression minded players interested in a friendly yet competitive raiding environment.
      Recruiting exceptional Healer and DPS.
      Raid times:
      Friday & Saturday
      9:30pm-1:30am PST
      10:30pm-2:30am MST
      11:30pm-3:30am CST
      12:30am-4:30am EST
      Apply at:
      What you can expect from <Shattering>:
      Strong Guild leadership focused on progression Fair loot council with progression in mind A very easy going and friendly atmosphere not commonly found in most progression guilds Dedicated and skilled core team A group that understands that WoW is a game, and is meant to be fun
        What we expect from you:
      Consistency Raid awareness Accountable and responsible Experience and knowledge to play and excel at your respective class/spec Desire to progress and push yourself every raid
        Apply at: