need help with dps (some logs)

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I am having great bursts at the beginning of the fights but finding myself stuck around 500-600k the rest of the fights.  I tried in lfr last night to use the legendary bracers instead of gloves.  I'm looking for help on rotation or anything really.  Feeling frustrated and stuck, any help is appreciated.  Sorry this is our first time logging so some of our fights got cut out for some reason as we used a kj lockout from the previous week.  Also note I dropped from the avatar fight without completion

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For starting,  I hate you :)   j/k   Only saying that because you got the BIS ring and I'm Jelly.

You are T20 with more than 4pcs,   If you have any 890 peices of T19 (2) I would equip those so  you can take advantage of the two piece bonus + the T20 4 peice which is really strong ,  you'll get more frozen orb casts with it which is HUGE and bumps to  your crit during Frozen orb.

On Gorgoth Kill you missed a few insta Flurry ->IL Procs so that's a bit of damage there.  When you get BF remember to immediately cast Flurry (since it's instant and generates winter's chill debuff) then Ice Lance.   Never cast flurry without a BF proc.

Your need a bit more crit.     Try simming your character with current gear to determine correct stat weights too.   You want to be at 33.33% crit.  Maybe give up some mastery for it.

You only casted ebonbolt twice so thats a bunch of missed damage there,  EB generates BF

Hope this helps.

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