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921 aspiring mythic raider seeking help on warcraftlogs rankings

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Using the standard fire rotation and glacial spike. I haven't touched arcane yet

I just feel like I never parse/rank very high, and I can't figure out why. The only reason I can think of is I have had to use Norgannon's Foresight as one of my legendaries up until two nights ago when I got the Dragon's breath helm (I have no logs with DB helm). I am very concerned about my % ranking as I feel like a lot of mythic guilds use that to find out how you perform compared to other players, and I never rank high at all. What is it? My rotation, legendaries, stats, or something else? What can I do to improve my % ranking?

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Looking at Goroth,  you had 22 brain freeze procs,   but I only see flurry cast 14 times.   Whenever you get BF follow up immediately with Flurry -> Ice-lance to shatter.  That's a lot of damage missed there :)

Flurry will be instant cast at this point.   Never cast Flurry all by itself (when you have to cast it) ONLY when you have BF procs.  

Try going with thermal void instead of Glacial Spike for ST fights,  I've simmed higher with TV but you want to sim to make sure. 

You are rocking the 4 pc T20 but the build is stronger with 2pcs T19 and 4pcs t20

You may want to sim though ,  always sim.    You have a BIS ring so that's a plus but you have the same boots I do (norgannonsm worse legendary in azeroth imo) and having a tough time replacing them.

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missing a few things

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Thank you very much for the response, Alcasczar. I appreciate the advice. I have to agree about Norgannon's Foreskin. I hate that legendary. However it is extremely useful on H Avatar I think, because it allows me to cast during almost every swirly/move mechanic.

Giving up Norgannon's Foreskin will take some getting used to for me, I've been using it for >2 months (since I started raiding).

For the 2pc t19/ 4pc t20, I only have raid finder t19, so I will try to get better versions of the tier. I will check out Thermal Void as well.

Again, thank you for the response.

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No problem.   One obvious fact that I didn't mention was regarding your Brain Freeze Procs (BF)   when you get those you follow up with Flurry ->  Ice Lance (IL)

I know it may have been obvious but I didn't want to assume.   ('ll edit my original reply)

Also when casting frost bolt to trigger the proc for brain freeze you can essential chain 2 providing you Flurry and if timed right you'll get another BF proc to flurry -> IL    

Essentially,    FB  (if BF procs)  cast EB (ebon bolt) Flurry ->IL   if timed right you'll have another BF proc to flurry->IL otherwise you keep hitting frost bolt to trigger the combo.  

I agree on Norgannons on some fights it's semi useful an avatar can be one of those.   Overall it's a horrible horrible Legdendary :)

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