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I'm back #2

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Hello everyone!




I'm here to tell you that I'm back!

Well not really, but I'll start playing again on the next sunday.


Some of you may know me, and you know I really love this game, so that's why I'm posting every time when I coming back! smile.png


So I was doing some cool stuff while I was away like:


  • Installed Steam and started to collect games (Gosh, now that's an addictive thing...)
  • Learned Javascript.
  • Started to write a private blog. (Maybe I will make public sometime D: )
  • Started to work on my own CMS... That's some hard stuff...
  • Was playing LoL!
  • Finished off Fable - The Lost Chapters, again 5127th walkthrough.
  • ...and some random stuff


So what I want to do in WoW:

  • Level up a holy paladin. My main is a mage but I really don't like the new changes with 5.4.
  • When I play LoL, I'm always a support, so I like healing and helping others. Maybe I'll level up a holy priest or a monk!
  • I like doing random BGs, scenarios, instances. I'm not that HC raiding guy.
  • Level up a horde character...
  • I want some skype fun with my friends while doing nonsense in-game D:


So that's all, I hope you guys are fine, and be prepared to my questions when I get back to WoW smile.png


Thanks for reading, here is a tl;dr version:


I'm back yay.

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