Spriest garbage dps.. help please

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Long story short.. my dps is just garbage and I don't know what to attribute it to. Is it just my gear? I am doing the rotation generally fine and getting around 70% uptime on voidform.



Mastery 59%

Haste 10%

Crit 35%


I know I am supposed to be stacking haste obviously but my gear right now just doesnt allow it until I find more. Is the haste % alone giving me the shit dps result? Is there a certain talent setup that would be better to use considering these stats? Right now my talents are: Lingering insanity, Spirits, mind bender, and void. Would it be better to go SL?



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Not sure how you only have 10% haste, but you need to bring that up about 20%. Link your armory here so we can see what we're working with. Also if you have any recent logs would be a great help

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