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Hey there guys.


So I started playing Warlock in the beginning of patch 5.3, lovely class I must say.

The problem is that I feel like I can be doing more dps then I do with my gear.

I am still not completely sure what what stats and what gems you should be aiming for as destro.


If somebody could take a look at my Armory it would help me alot.


Rotation I'm using is:


Immolate - conflagarate - trinket procs(dark soul aswell) - 1-3 chaos bolts - spam incinirate - keep immolate up - conflag when off cd to spend on incinirate - chaos bolt when up .

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We can't help you specifically without logs.


just went through all the public logs on the EU Stormscale World of logs realm list.


None of them contain this guy.  :(

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Your rotation is fine. Without logs we can't really point out anything specific. The most important thing is to abuse havoc/shadowburn and try to only chaos bolt when you have procs. There are so many opportunities for this in SoO fights.

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