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Guardian Crit Cap

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Hi guys,


     I actually do not play Guardian spec, it is my offspec on my Feral alt.  My main is a prot. Pally who I tank and raid lead with.  However, my co-tank on our main team is a Guardian, with a Pally alt., so we often talk about the two classes.


Last night before raid we were talking about stats, and he was telling me how amazingly high his crit. was.  My first response was... Aren't you recommended to cap that about 50%?  Then I started wondering if I was recalling a 50% crit cap only for Feral? 


After looking around a bit I couldn't find the information for Guardian spec as far as any cap for Crit.  So my question is... Is there one?  Do Guardian Druids keep stacking Crit. forever?  Any diminishing returns after a certain point?  And.. if so, I'm assuming putting points into Haste after capping is the way to go?   Any help for my furry partner?

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The cap is 79%, the reason being that blocks and glancing blows will always be prioritized over critical strikes and so after 79%, you stop getting more melee crits. It does still affect the crit rate for special attacks, so it continues increasing your DPS all the way to 100%, but the amount of Rage you get from Mangles is relatively small, so it gets outscaled for RPS by Haste.

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