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MM hunter DPS Issues

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I have no clue what I am doing wrong. I keep trying to follow the dps guide for MM hunter, but I just cant get over 500k dps. I just don't understand. My simcraft info is attached. I'm not sure what at all I'm doing wrong. I just installed JSHB and it helped a lot, but it only rose it to 600k. My logs for my most recent N fight is here (https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/bZhc62zFXH1mYMQq/) and my heroic is here (https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/rmBnTpVHWPfdCQ24/). Maybe I just need to clean up my rotation, but I really feel like something is way too wrong here. Also, my stats are 38.04%crit, 12.24%haste, 5.48%vers, and 17.94%mastery



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There are two issues:

1) Your simdps is very low, which means your gear is crap.

2) You hit well below your simdps, which means you need to improve your rotation.


Gear is the easier one to tackle so let's focus on that first.

- Your relics are horrible, bad traits and low item level.

- The legendary belt increases your AoE, so of course it's not useful for single target. However, even on Mistress Sassz'ine you rarely even used Multi-Shot, so you don't even know how to cleave right. This wastes the legendary effect, the legendary slot (you could be using something else) and cleave damage, which MM is very good at. The legendary gloves are the best for single target.

- That Versatility trinket is horrible. 

- The 885 ring with versatility is also horrible (and why does it have a 150 enchant?). Buy a Crit/Mastery crafted one and use obliterum on it, it will get up to 900 + socket with perfect stats.

- You're missing the 4-piece bonus.


In terms of rotation there's a few things I noticed from your logs:

- You cast too many Marked Shots. I'm referring to single target fights like Maiden, Goroth or SIsters (mostly). If you hit two Aimed shot in every Vulnerable (+ Lock and Load) then you should have less than half as many Marked Shots than AImed shot, because it's one Marked Shot for every two Aimed shots, but you don't need Marked Shot when Windburst opens Vulnerable.

- You don't use WIndburst often enough. Seriously WTF!? Windburst has a 20 second cooldown. Which means 3 casts per minute. You are way below that on every fight (3 casts on a 4:49 minute fight of Maiden?). Windburst is the strongest hit per focus spent and it opens Vulnerable without the hassle of Marking Targets. It's literally your best skill. How you don't use it more often is baffling.

- You have some crits hitting below the max damage of hits. This is only possible if your Aimed Shot hits (and crits) outside of Vulnerable. The most common reason is by trying to make the last Aimed Shot too late. You need to practice that a lot.

- I'm not convinced that you're using Trueshot correctly, or often enough (since you have the legendary boots).


I don't know in detail how you run your rotation, given the previous mistakes. Give me more details if you want a better reply. I also don't understand why you don't cleave properly. You use Multi-Shot with Marking Targets so Marked Shot will hit all the enemies, and then Aimed shot so Trick Shot will cleave again, with the bonus from the legendary belt.


There may be a few more details that I missed, but if you fix all that you would probably double your dps (although you might not have the best legendaries).

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Thank you for the reply! I just got into the raiding a couple weeks ago, so yes, my gear is absolutely garbage stat-wise. I am running heroic Saturday so I should hopefully get my 4 piece. I gave up my BiS trinket from the N farm to our raid leader that really could have helped, but it was okay because I know my rotation is a huge issue that I need to fix first. I want to get that figured out first. I also only have two legendaries, so I'm stuck there for now. Not only that, but I also have no money. I hardly have enough money to raid because of all I have to buy per raid. So the ring thing is very much so out of the question until I can craft it myself


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