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Need help about my DPS.

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Hello everyone. I've been playing my warrior a long time. Since i started playing, i feel like i can't deal enough DPS. I'm always the lowest one. I just can't understand. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. Please, help me.

Logs; https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/twisting-nether/omerhalis?spec=Fury

Stats; %32 Haste %45 Mastery.

Item level; 905

Armory; https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/twisting-nether/omerhalis

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I've check your goroth fight and here are some things I've noticed. Basically I think you do not fully understand the basics of playing fury. That said it's mandatory to understand that your most damaging ability's should be used while you are enraged. You get enraged either when you crit with BT or using RP. The dmg+ from your mastery is only accounted when you are enraged. I recommend the addon Weak Auras to track the enrage buff.


Your opener is: Charge->BC-RP-DoS-OF-Execute-BT

The basic error on this opener is, that you run out of enrage at the end of DoS, so your OF and Execute are not enraged.

Use: Charge-> BC-RP-DoS-BT-RB-OF


You cast 2 times furious slash which is your worst hitting abilty probably to stack the crit buff. Don't do that again. Train this priority system: RP (100 Rage) > RB (enraged) > BT > RB > FS

Even with Ayalas equipped you want to use the execute procs only when you are enraged, so be aware of that.


Your trinkets are very outdated. You should definitely get a Convergence of Fates (Elisande) no matter the itemlevel. It's still the BIS Trinket Nr.1. Second should be Umbral Moongleaves (Sister of the Moon).

Your gear isn't properly enchanted, in fact you have only one +200 Haste on Ring

You also did not use a Flask at all.

I can't understand why you wonder to be the last dps when you obviously not trying to get the best Enchants/Food/Potion/Flask. This may sound rude, sorry about that, but I'm just curious.

The rotational and opener changes should help you out though.


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Yeah CoF is crucial to doing any decent damage as Fury. The passive effect doesn't change depending on what difficulty the trinket drops in(only benefit being more STR higher per lfr,normal,etc).


Edit: Also, helm/legs are the ideal legionaries. Combined with a CoF it totally changes Fury's playstyle. 

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