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hey guys :)  i would need some help from you! I want to get better with my MM hunter and i Wonder how i should do? i start to feel very frustraded about it and i want to become a raider, right now i´m raider trial but my dps is to low. I have tried spellflash,MaxDps, Ovale, watch youtube videos etc but nothing helps please can you help me?  :)

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You cast too many Marked Shots on single target. Since you should be casting 2 Aimed Shots for every Vulnerable, and Windburst also opens Vulnerable, you should have more than twice as many Aimed Shot casts than Marked Shot casts.

On the other hand, you'r not cleaving enough when a boss has adds (you didn't cleave at all on Mistress?). If you can hit multiple enemies, you should always use Multi-Shot and Marked shot as soon as Marked target procs, or non-stop during Trueshot. Aimed shot is about twice as strong as Marked shot on average, so if you can hit 3 targets you should spam Marked shot as much as possible. And even with 2 targets, you switch Arcane shot for Multi-shot so you automatically cleave, plus Trick shot also cleaves.  

Also, when you use Multi-shot you need to make sure you're targetting the center of the clump of adds, you can't always just Multi-shot on the boss, if the adds are not in a tidy circle around him, because Multi-shot doesn't have a huge area. I honestly don't even understand how is it possible that Marked Shot is not your main source of damage on easy adds like the reflections on Kil'Jaeden. You don't even have the legendary belt on. When hitting 4 targets Marked shot should be doing about twice the damage of Aimed shot, if not more.

You should also be able to cast Trueshot more often (because you have the legendary boots). From what I can see in your logs, you don't get any extra casts out of the legendary effect.

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