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Good morning, Keaghen.

I took a quick glance over your logs and you don't seem to be doing exceptionally bad at Arms. In a fight like Goroth, where you parsed 89% of your bracket, I see that you have a clear understanding of your rotation / ability priorities.

When other encounters require you to do a bit more moving or switching, in most situations you also pull out 1M+ in DPS. While you may not be parsing as high as 89%, this could simply be due to the fact that you're more concentrated on said mechanics and, as such, your performance suffers. It could also be from boss placement (not stacking Demonic Inquisition, for example, when they're able to or having the adds nice and tight on Mistress, etc)... there's a number of things that could contribute but despite all this, as I said, you're still pulling sufficient numbers.

The one thing that did catch my eye is that you kept sweeping strikes on Maiden - a pure single target encounter. I would be more mindful of your talent choices based on the encounter and the strategy your raid team uses. Back to the Demonic Inquisition example - if you know that your raid team keeps them separated most of the fight (if not all of it), it'd be better to take Dauntless over Sweeping Strikes. Again, just an example.

Overall you're not doing bad at all. Keep it up, make sure you really focus on your rotation when there's 100 other things going on as well (boss mechanics), and be aware of your talent choices in the various fights. You'll only get better. =)

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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In my opinion, you can use Ravager or Opportunity Strikes; whichever is your personal preference.

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