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Frost Procs - Why?

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So I have been doing Frost since the big change where most mages swapped from Fire to Frost.  It's taken be a while to get better with the build and I can do pretty good dps, when I get procs.


What I don't get is why am I never getting procs?  It's not uncommon to go 30~40 seconds with not a single proc of BF.  I get plenty of 1 procs of Ice lance, rarely get 2 procs, seldom get 3 procs, unless I use frozen orb.


My DPS is shit because I am just generally getting no procs, and I cannot figure out why this is happening. All I can think of its just RNG screwing me over.




I've went through Mr.Robot and tried to tailor my gear the best I can to my guilds current progress.  I don't think my gear is the major issue.  I'm pretty sure the RNG is just screwing me over.




Now, One thing I know hurts me is my raids overall performance.  Longer fights = shittier damage overall.  But I shouldn't be doing THIS damn bad.



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Welcome to my world :(  ,   I totally feel your pain cause I notice the same and we both have 2 T19 pieces which is supposed to help (5%)  but I feel there is something broken with this,  hard to prove though cause it's something under the hood where blizz developers may be the only ones who can figure it out,  yet it could just be bad luck,  RNG is RNG no matter how we slice and dice it.

If you have bracers you may want to swap out soul for those,  it sims higher than soul + shard for me but you may want to see what happens (if you have them)    Which btw   gratz on Shard  ,   I wish I could get lucky enough for that.  


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Okay looking at stats I can tell you're using AMR. Never use AMR, I have said this to another person before but use pawn + simc. Yes your stats are probably affecting your damage, they are not properly balanced another problem is that soul of the archmage is pretty mediocre so that also affects damage. Better off with bracers and lust ring once you get bracers. That way you can retain t19 2 piece and t20 4piece. If you do get the helm though use that with lust ring until you get bracers.

You have 35 percent crit you don't need that much. in fact you don't even need the shatter cap most of the time if not all the time. That information is outdated on icy-veins. Which i have covered previously on a different post. You want a 1:1 ratio between haste and crit. Value of crit starts to plummet once you start nearing  32-33 percent ranges but is always out scaled by either haste or vers. I'll leave you a simc+pawn guide at the bottom of post.

Looking at your logs you have casted 50 icelances on goroth while not bad it might  suggest to me you are munching procs when going into a brainfreeze proc. You want to literally dump all your FoF procs before going into frostbolt-flurry-icelance. The only time you don't is if you get a bf proc mid way through a frostbolt cast then just go into the BF combo. Even if you get a BF proc ass end of frostbolt don't immediately go into the combo. Dump the icelances then go into the combo. Also hold off on frozen orb for a few seconds if you have 3 FoF procs. I say dump 1-2 before using orb if you have at least 2 set t20. Munching is inevitable with frost but you can do things to minimize the munching.


Have some important time stamps that you might want to be aware of.


Overwrote Brain Freeze

0:02 Winter's Chill applied to Goroth was unused 
1:02 Applied Winter's Chill with 1 Fingers of Frost
1:04 Applied Winter's Chill with 1 Fingers of Frost
1:47 Applied Winter's Chill with 1 Fingers of Frost


Brain freeze usage: Make sure you don't overwrite existing procs before gaining new ones.

winter's chill usage: Be sure to always cast Ice Lance immediately after applying Winter's Chill to avoid wasting the proc.

FoF usage: Be sure to spend all of your Fingers of Frost before applying Winter's Chill, and avoid gaining additional stacks when you are already capped.

You also have 94% cast efficiency that can be improved. You should aim for 100% every encounter. Always cast ebonbolt off CD regardless if you won't have it in your next icy veins window. That especially holds true if you have 2 set t20.

I only analyzed your goroth logs but i imagine that you are wasting procs etc on other encounters so be aware of those things when you do other encounters.


Also PoV videos can help you improve. That way you know how to properly position and also understand prepping for mechanics in an encounter so it doesn't affect your dps. Example of this is maiden of vigilance. After she does blow back if you use for example frozen orb just before doing this it will make you lose a lot of dps. So you hold off on those cds when you are nearing blow back and then when you get to the other side of the room then use those cds. I'll also link you to Rikh's pov video kills. That way you can go over them. Also recording your own gameplay will help you improve faster. That way you can go over it and see where you're making positional errors etc.



quin69's guide on simc and pawn. he plays ret but all the simc and pawn info is relevant across all specs and classes.

Rikh's youtube. Here you will find PoV kill videos for both heroic and mythic. One of the top mages in WoW

Dedicated mage site. Here you will find the most relevant info on mage for every spec including sim charts etc.


If you need more info let me know and I'll try to help you.





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Just an FYI, sometimes you cannot prevent ice lance from procing while you are in a BF.  That is what you're seeing.  It procs right as I hit BF and it's too late to cancel.


I don't see that being the huge loss of DPS that I seem to have.  It's the simple fact that I don't seem to be getting as many BF/FoF as most mages doing decent dps.

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