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Arcane Mage having tons of trouble on heroic Fallen Avatar

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Though my DPS is pretty solid on every encounter in ToS, I have a crapload of time maintaining at least 700k DPS on Fallen Avatar on heroic. I only seem to manage 550-650 despite having solid gear an an ilvl of 926.





Ive never asked for help here, so if any other info is needed, let me know. Thanks!


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You died in all 3 tries, dont die and you'll be much higher.
But since 'hurr durr dont die' isn't really usefull ill see what else i can find.

You seem to have 5-10s portions where you're not casting anything.

Usually you can reduce this a bit by trusting on blink to save you and not do any other moment. this works fine for f.i. the spears and the rupture realities (run away).
For touch of sargeras (the soaking) and unbound chaos (dodging the green shit) just blinking usually isnt enough and this is where slipstream and prescence of mind come in. By planning the use of arcane missiles, arcane barrage and PoM+arcane blast around these moments of high movement you can avoid these downtimes. This isn't an easy task, but it is one that's worth practicing to aid you on a lot of other fights aswell.


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