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Affliction DPS

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Hi all, trying to get the most out of my warlock and i feel like i am underperforming.


 http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/qzfy2769cvkb96qx/details/13/?s=6124&e=6497 is a link to my guild's most recent Iron Jug kill I came in at 139k  dps,


I am at 528 Ilvl. armory link is http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Achearon/simple


my uptimes for dots seem solid but i am trying to eek out more dps. Let me know if i am doing something horribly wrong from a reforging/ gemming strategy.


also trinket from timeless isle worth it?


Thanks for your help!

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You logged out in destro so it's hard to tell what you're stats would be for aff. Do you reforge at all between the two? Did you log out in destro reforge? idk.


If this is your aff reforge, then yes you're doing a lot of things wrong in that. Your haste is WAY, WAY to low. If this is your destro reforge, then it's fine.


I only did a quick look at your logs but they seem about what they should be. Up times, spell distribution, etc.


One though I had was that you seem to have taken KJC and that's kind of meh. You'll get more out of using two DS per CD then you will KJC on most fights in normal. Really there isn't any fight that I can think of that I'd take KJC on in normals.


Your gems are a little odd, you're using a lot of 160/160 to get socket bonuses that are ether meh or useless.Personally unless it's a full 180 int/mastery/haste then I ignore the bonuses and go pure mastery gems. For you the only two that I'd see as pressing to change would be your ring and your weapon, 60 int and 60 haste isn't worth giving up two pure mastery gems.


Your trinkets are mad shitty for aff or demo btw, UVLS has such a low proc rate that with the fight times that you're seeing it's going to be very, very weak. Shadow-pan one is also fairly crap. The Timeless Isle might be a little better, but not much. Try doing flex, LFR, anything you can do to get a KTT and a Amp from SoO. If you have any pull on the loot in your raid, try and upgrade those ASAP. Save coins for them also.


Keep in mind that you're missing the meta gem and the cloak, the cloak alone for ST aff is about a 20-25k DPS gain depending on RNG, and it only goes up with more targets. When you're looking at DPS charts and such keep that in mind, you won't be able to compare your DPS to another warlocks DPS very well if they have the meta and cloak. The cloak is really easy to quantify but the meta is hard.


If you could log out in aff and have the reforging that you use for it that would help a lot.

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sorry i did log recently in my desto spec. Those are destro gems and reforges and i have a completly different setup for aff.


Thanks a ton for the response i will try to log out tonight in my aff setup. Currently working on trinkets have had zero luck with it so far >.<.

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