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Opinion on Spellflash

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I haven't tried it apart from on my mage but found the flash a bit distracting at times. 


As an alternative, try Tellmewhen.

There are profiles for all classes and specs and it seems to be updated on a regular basis. Will it get you purple logs in raids, probably not but it will give you a solid basis, to begin with.

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I would say Spellflash is a good start, but you still need to know your rotation and how it works.

For example as a hunter when Marked Shots procs and you fire it, it leaves a venerable debuff on the target that lasts 7 seconds so you unload Aimed Shots on the target. On occasion Marked Shots will proc again in that 7 seconds but you do not use it optimally in the rotation.  Spellflash will light up Marked Shot, but you need to know to skip it this time around.

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