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Lich King Defeated

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Priest is the easiest hero to use to defeat the Lich King.

Priest deck that I used to defeat Lich King

Circle of Healing

Binding Heal

Crystalline Oracle

Inner fire x2

Northshire Cleric x2

Power Word: Shield x2

Divine Spirit x2

Mind Blast x2

Shadow Ascendant x2

Shadow Word: Pain

Greater Healing Potion

Mass Dispel

Shadow Word: Horror x2

Shifting Shade x2

Tortollan Shellraiser

Darkshire Alchemist

Holy Nova x2

Cabal Shadow Priest x2

Holy Fire

Shadow Essence


The idea behind this deck was to buff up a minions health as high as I could get it and then have the Lich King Obliterate it, making him take 30+ damage from one of his own cards.  What actually happened was I played Crystalline Oracle turn 1, Turn 2 Shadow Ascendant (buffed up Oracle), Turn 3 power word shielded both of them and dropped Northshire Cleric + Circle of healing.

He simply got overwhelmed by all the minions buffing each other and high HP non-sense.

Shadow Word: Horror - Sole purpose is to auto-wreck his Weapon he always plays on Turn 7.

Mass Dispel - Sole purpose is to remove all of his taunt cards / all the buffs he plays on them with "Magic shell" that +2/+2 can't be targeted by spells / hero powers

Cabal Shadow Priest - Steal taunt minion / The giant poison spider

Mind Blast x2 - Sole purpose is the burst damage of 10 to help finish him off

Due to how lucky I got on my second try however, I never even used Divine Spirit or Inner Fire.


I would not recommend a Druid deck simply because once turn 7 hits, Druid has almost no viable method of clearing the board of six 2/6s in a single go.  Deathwing could do it BUT, you must discard your whole hand to play him.  You would really need to set up your board properly before hand which is fairly hard to do.  Double Naturalize would kill 2 of them, make the Lich King draw 4 cards and hopefully discard something valuable.  Stampeding Kodo would definitely kill 1 via it's battle cry, you could try throwing in some dragons and utilize's Book Wrym's battle cry, Sea Giant would be a good minion to run for the turn after he plays his turn 7 weapon.

I would highly recommend a Paladin deck because when one of your minions dies, it is re summoned for him. ABUSE THAT.  Run double Mistress of Mixtures for a lot of health recovery, Bomb Squad for heavy damage to his face, and Corrupted Healbot (minion with an impact that will heal you if you are prepared to kill it when it dies).  I almost forgot Doomsayer.  A minion the Lich King will almost always kill the second he sees it enter the board.  Nat Pagle and Lore Walker Cho may also mess with the Lich King by taking up space on his side of the board, messing with his draw and helping you out for a Divine Favor, and hopefully get a lucky DeathKnight card.

Feel lucky?  If you are going to play a Mage Deck, why not run Kabal Lackey + Counter Spell (Must be both played on turn 1) and hope it counters his "Set your Hero's HP to 1". I personally have not tested this but will be trying to soon.

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I actually used Reynad's Jade Druid deck recipe, and I beat Lich King in one go. I got down to 10hp before I got Malfurion the Pestilent out and stablized the board w/ an ocean of Jade Golems.

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