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Ret/Paladin Rotation's Defined and explained properly Guide

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Hello to all of the brothers and sisters of the Paladin World of Warcraft experience !  I am Biggestwood of Darrowmere, and have been playing for 6 to 7 yrs.  Needless to say i still cant get my rotations down perfectly. im a little confused on some things , due to the rush rush style we humans are always in.... Now im pretty good but have seen way better and if u think u are a great teacher alongside  being a great person that can help me with minor adjustments so as i can be one of the best paladins in the game , PLEASE HOLLAR AT ME I WOULD APPRECIATE IT SOOO MUCH ..!! AFTER IN WHICH I IMPROVE ...THERE WILL BE GENEROUS GIFT CARD IN RETURN . I would like to add thanks to WORLD OF WARCRAFT for the good times i have playing this online game. One last thing Blizzard i hope you step it up tremendously in the future of the game so as to keep us loveing it.. That will be a very tall order i wonder if they will come through FOR REALZ.....   eMAIL ME AT Sparky_four_you@yahoo.com ... :) Ultimately i myself would like to create a better more easily understood Rotation guide for Retribution Paladins.     Currently in : Jaws  Server :Darrowmere      



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On 8/28/2017 at 6:59 PM, Biggestwood said:


Image result for meme african boy




Obvious troll may not be obvious but it sure warrants inspection.  And smells awfully like....fish...


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