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Extended Break- Need advice (Blood/Frost)

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Hi all, 

So I took an extended break from WoW and I feel like a complete boon again.
Trying to get my head around all the changes.

As Blood
Are we still stacking haste?  

Originally we were decent at UH, then Frost BoS took over, now it seems to be UH again with DA + Tak Shoulders.  Though suggestively in 7.3 looks like Frost will be on par again (which generally is my preferred spec whether it be Machinegun or BoS)

I need to resim and get back into number crunching again but wanted a quick overview/opinions based on the legendaries I currently have as most are still 940 and I'm now in the process of grinding essences to get them up to 970 so wanted opinions on which I should focus on first for each spec, I have an idea but guess I'm just after second opinions so that I can focus my attention in the right place.

Toravon's Whiteout BindingsToravon's Whiteout Bindings
Koltira's Newfound WillKoltira's Newfound Will
Perseverance of the Ebon MartyrPerseverance of the Ebon Martyr
Kil'jaeden's Burning WishKil'jaeden's Burning Wish

I generally always used Belt + Wrist combo with Machine guild build (raiding) - swapping in trinket for koltiras for mythic + trash.  I have a massive array of Nighthold & Mythic + trinkets so Kil'jaedens has never been top of my list I only swap it in and out between trash pulls for burst.

Skullflower's HaemostasisSkullflower's Haemostasis (970) - got this last night (first day back and this dropped)
Shackles of BryndaorShackles of Bryndaor
Service of GorefiendService of Gorefiend
Lana'thel's LamentLana'thel's Lament

I used to always use Shackles + Service - swapping in Acherus or Prydaz on certain mythic + pulls fights to negate boss abilities.  But I'm being told Skullflower's is pretty powerful, so curious to which I should swap out, shackles or service.

Acherus DrapesAcherus Drapes
Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum OpusPrydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus

Aggramar's StrideAggramar's Stride

Thanks in advance

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I can only speak for Blood and say: 

1. Yes, we still stack Haste, but beyond 30% it doesn't make that much of a difference.

2. Best combination of Legendaries for Blood is shoulders+shackles, providing the best increase in healing and DPS there is. The swap I'd recommend depends of the kind of fight: as the shackles provide constant healing (due to increased RP), they may not be as useful in fights with short bursts of damage, in which reducing the CD on Vampiric Blood (by Legendary belt) can be more suitable.


On M+, it's completely up to you and your team. I personally use boots and Sephuz's Secret for increased mobility, as I run M+ with a very decent healer.

Hope this helped.

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Well, the good news in one sense is that for Frost you can continue as you left off.

Those legends that you mention 1 & 2 in the list are the best you have (Cold Heart is the only one I would consider an upgrade).

As of today/tomorrow the talents will get mixed up a bit, but you will be able to test your MG spec and go with whatever feels best to you.

Personally I will be sticking to my Obliteration builds for the time being as I played them during the reign of BoS regardless.

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For Blood the Shoulders are BiS whereas the belt and wrist are swap-able depending on the fight so it really doesn't matter which one u use.

For Frost as of right now BoS is no longer viable. There's currently 2 builds and thats HRW for mainly ST and Obli for mainly for AoE. I do feel that for HRW build that Seal is BiS for obvious reasons but I'm not 100% sure. It's still early so I'm sure some things will change in terms of gear for frost.

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