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Galakras 10N Tanking Adds HELP

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im doing this on normal 10man with my guild and im having agro trouble with all the adds.
when adds start spawning i normally hav my consecration down under them and then hammer of light a lil further down the hill where i stand and tank them. I use hammer of righteous - avenger shield - holy wrath as aoe to pick up the adds while i target either bonecrusher or shaman depending on wat group has spawned. normally if i hav gotten all aggro i target shamans for interrupt and focus target bonecrushers to fist their fracture spells. still doing all this plus using HA and AW my guilds aoe damage on the mobs is still pulling occasionally mobs off me which i then hav to waste a taunt on. my guild are always nuking the adds asap with all they can even be4 i hav hit the adds sometimes and expect me to easily pull all the aggro back off them  but im using everything and failing??, im starting to rely on missdirect from hunter to help me keep all mobs. 
wat am i doing wrong?
can any1 offer advice? 
im so frustrated and annoyed with my poor aggro.

(and yes i do hav righteous fury on -.- )

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I'd say don't consecrate or hammer if they don't stand in it for long.


I assume you tank them in Jaina's Blizzard. When they spawn, do Avenger's Shield and Judge the primary target when they come in range. When they're reaching the desired tanking location smack down Consecration and Hammer of Light. Running up the hill to pick them up isn't necessary.


Hammer of light sounds better for sustained AoE threat, if thats what you're struggling with, but I assume a selfcast Holy Prism would be more helpful with snap aggro.


I don't play a Protadin, so all my info might not be 100% but I hope its of some help.

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I totally agree with Ceraius, your not getting full affect from your aoe abilities if your throwing them up the hill to get initial threat.  Use Consecration and Light's Hammer once they are gathered for sustained aoe.  Holy Prism might be useful in this fight because of the shorter CD, but I haven't tried it.  Personally I would use DP over HA for this fight since your not tank swapping till right at the end, just my opinion.  And, there is nothing wrong with relying on a miss-direct occasionally... Since they reduced our ability to taunt to a single target once every 8 seconds, it sometimes lies on a dps or a healer to drop their own threat once in a while.  However, once they are all together and Vengeance is stacking up, you should have no problems holding them.  Now, the archers and casters will give you some problems... however, a silence or interrupt on the casters will get them to move to you, instead of you going to them.  The Bonecrushers will charge a target before channeling their spell... This does not mean you have lost threat, simply assign someone to give them a stun (not an interrupt) and they will run straight back to you.


In the end this fight is one where your dps have be smart as well.  They shouldn't be dpsing ranged mobs up the hill that you haven't established any threat on.  They should be giving you a moment to grab as many as you can before a full nuke breaks out.  They should be making sure that they are behind your position, so you immediately get face threat to begin with... Little things like that will make your job way easier.  With the number and variety of adds to deal with, your probably not going to have and keep full threat on every one the whole fight... so just deal with each situation as it comes up.  But don't forget, your toolbox is deep as a Prot Pally.  Using abilities like Hand of Salvation has earned a round of thanks from my healers many times.  Also, not sure what seal you are using, but using Seal of Insight as well as other healing abilities will also create a lot of threat.


Hope some of this helped, Good Luck.

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