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Which trinkets?

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I'm debating which trinkets to run with.

I have an 860 Arcanocrystal, an 895 Whispers in the Dark, a 910 Tome of Unraveling Sanity, and a 900 Tarnished Sentinel Medallion.

Icy-Veins (as well as Raidbots.com) shows the them all as very close in performance.  If that is accurate, it boils down to ease of use.  The Arcanocrystal is a stat stick per-excellence.  The Whispers I find supremely annoying on the slow portion of the proc as it messes with my timing for hitting buttons, and the other two are both on use which is not super annoying but equipping both might suck.

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There is a problem with using two on-use trinkets: using one locks out the other one for 20 seconds, so you can't benefit from both at once. It's very irritating. I have a 910 Tome of Unraveling Sanity and a 900 Charm of the Rising Tide, but I dropped the Tome for a 900 Whispers in the Dark. I mainly play Demonology so the on-demand Haste buff from Charm is very attractive.

They are close in performance on single target. With AoE, Whispers and Arcanocrystal start to outpace the on-use trinkets like Sentinel Medallion and Tome which only affect a single target. However for Affliction the extra Mastery from the Sentinel Medallion is also quite attractive, and with so many DoT ticks it is easy to get the most out of the proc effect.

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