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Patch 7.3 How to Tame Panthara Pets

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Petopia and WoW Secrets on Discord never cease to impress! The most recent discovery is the art behind taming new Hunter pets called the Panthara.

Alphariana uploaded a video of the taming process and color variations, but it's somewhat hard to watch, so we wrote down the steps to guide you through it, based on the pinned post of Discord user Tomb#8847 in WoW Secrets on Discord (#hunter-pets channel) and Alphariana's video.

First you need to find and kill Argussian talbuks. Port from the Vindicaar to Krokuul Hovel. Follow the route patrolled by the Fel Reaver until you encounter Chitinous Cragscalers


Kill enough of them until they eventually drop Fresh Talbuk MeatFresh Talbuk Meat. The item has an extremely low drop chance, so it will take time to farm. Alternatively, it can be looted from all talbuks on Argus, not just the ones in Krokuun (e.g. Wild Cragscalers). The item's tradeable, so definitely check out the Auction House before beginning the grind.

Find a Panthara of your choice. There are multiple color variations on Argus and some of them are not yet accessible due to gating. In order to tame a Panthara, you must use Freezing TrapFreezing Trap without getting aggro. Feign DeathFeign Death after you trap the pet just to be sure you didn't aggro it. Then, approach the panthara and use Fresh Talbuk MeatFresh Talbuk Meat. Now you should be able to tame the pet for a short duration. More information about the taming process and color variations can be found in Alphariana's video below. Other details can be found on Petopia or by joining WoW Secrets on Discord (#hunter-pets channel).

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9 hours ago, cyanidepopsicle said:

Wait a second..when did wow try to be ark with this passive taming ....

That's customer holding tactics ;) Same as not to allow flying what stupid as hell is. They just want's us to be the whole day online :D

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On 9/1/2017 at 9:18 AM, Daneras said:

That's customer holding tactics ;) Same as not to allow flying what stupid as hell is. They just want's us to be the whole day online :D

Yeah, I'm not a fan of the whole not flying thing. It's totally fine on my Blood DK, since I can pull anything and survive. Hate it on my Mage though.

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