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Need help for affliction warlock dps

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My dps is horrible.  I have simmed my gear and the best results are https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/stormrage/dottir and my dps has improved but still below par.  

I am not too keen about my current legendaries (Prydaz (for the stats) and Power Cord of Lethdendris but my dps is the higher than with other gear and legendaries.  My other noteworthy legendaries are Streten's Sleepless Shackles and Norgannon's Foresight .

I feel like I need more mastery when I go over 95% my dps decreases.  All enchants and gems for crit in an effort to increase that stat and decrease haste.

Unfortunately, I do not have any recent logs.  My dps has improved since the last logs were run.

I am at a loss as to what to do.  Any comments, suggestions, criticisms, ideas and such are greatly appreciated.

Thank you~

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Overall Prydaz is average for Affy (even better for progress) and the belt very good so that is not really your issue.

Impossible to help if you do not have logs. You can record some in LFR or a normal run but ideally we would need to see at least one pure single target fight and then Mistress and/or Desolate Host. If you go this route then please ensure you have advanced combat logging enabled, you can search how to do that. 

Stats do not matter as much as some people think. What you do want though is the best combination of the gear you have which you can find out using Simulationcraft or Raidbots.com.

If you haven't yet also read my recent replies to Bobifle in the Help My DPS thread as most people make the same mistakes. 

Another option to sit in the Warlock Discord channel and you might learn some stuff or ask specific questions if you have them.

Also read all of the sections on http://lockonestopshop.com/#!/Home if you haven't yet.

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Check out https://www.warcraftlogs.com/statistics/13#boss=2032&difficulty=4&class=Warlock&spec=Affliction&combatantinfo=Talents and http://www.wowhead.com/guides/affliction-warlock-raid-tips#tomb-of-sargeras-goroth for info on talent choices as some of your picks are a little off. For pure single target (ST) PS can be an ok choice but usually as soon as you can extend it then SH usually pulls far ahead. 

DI: MG is a weak talent choice when you only have 17% DS uptime and go SH instead of PS. Need to improve your DoT uptime on both targets.

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/gHYK2h8T3JmRBZFx#fight=5&view=analytical&type=auras&source=11&spells=debuffs&by=target&target=53 (Also change to Belac).

Mistress: Sow The Seeds can be a good talent choice if you're getting a lot of add damage in and not so good at multidotting. However, you're getting little benefit from Contagion if you are not spreading UAs around. Again DS uptime is about 15% and MG is getting little benefit. However, your Agony uptime on Mistress was 63% on your worst attempt so try and improve this especially if you go WiA. 

If you do take Seeds then you probably should cast it more. In the same length of fight I had 48 casts compared to your 14. Be drain sniping adds and/or UAing them on death depending on your shard count (this applies to all fights). Remember to Reap earlier into the fight, as couple of times you forgot.

Sisters: I know you didn't link this but with MG try making your drain cycles a little more equal (of course with SC and the belt there is some variation) but this is how many UAs you dumped: 1, 4, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 4, 1, 1, 6 and so on. It's all over the place. With 2 UAs you can drain all the ticks so that is ideal. With your dump of 6 you would have lost so much damage (though yes you don't want to shard cap either). Secondly try make sure you double drain all your UAs. Sometimes you only drain once (perhaps you had to move) but it's unlikely that you would have drained all ticks.

We can't always help our gear but you are a little Versatility heavy (part of that is your trinket) and yes as you said Mastery light at the moment. Keep trying for an Arcano. Good luck.

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