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Patch 7.3 Hotfixes: Sep 1

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The third round of 7.3 hotfixes is here with nerfs to Fallen Avatar and various improvements to the game.

After nerfs to Mistress Sassz'ine, Fallen Avatar is the next boss to receiving adjustments. Below are latest hotfixes that were applied to live servers.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)





Dungeons and Raids

  • Some lower level dungeon quest mobs now drop their quest items more frequently.
  • Tomb of Sargeras
    • Goroth
      • Now once again displays the correct visual effects.
    • Fallen Avatar
      • Touch of SargerasTouch of Sargeras now creates 4 fissures in Mythic difficulty (was 5 fissures).
      • Touch of SargerasTouch of Sargeras damage reduced by 10% in Mythic difficulty.
      • Fallen Avatar now generates 20% less energy when Tainted MatrixTainted Matrix and Corrupted MatrixCorrupted Matrix beams are not intercepted by players.
      • Fixed an issue where some players falling into the second phase of the fight took unintended damage.
    • Kil’jaeden
      • Now once again displays the correct visual effects.


Player versus Player

  • The Dutiful PvP companions should now be purchasable once players reach Prestige 7 on any character.
  • Stealth and Invisibility effects will be removed when assaulting bases in Domination battlegrounds such as Arathi Basin.


Previous 7.3 Hotfixes

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So they still can't do nothing when sound go away when fel orbs spawn in M+ dungeons :/ Under Goroth dispőlays correct visuals i hope they mean that annoying purple effects on every player on mythic. That killed lot of my guildies framerate. 

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      Discipline Fixed an issue causing queued spells to not increase the damage of spells when buffed by Twilight Equilibrium.
      Fixed an issue causing Power of the Dark Side procs to grant a Holy damage buff instead of a Shadow damage buff when casting Penance with Twilight Equilibrium talented.
      Fixed an issue causing Divine Aegis to consume damage buffs from Twilight Equilibrium.
      Fixed an issue causing a queued Penance to not grant Harsh Discipline following a Smite cast that would normally have granted the buff.
      [With weekly restarts] The duration of the Harsh Discipline buff effect has been increased to 30 seconds (was 15 seconds).
      Assassination Fixed an issue that prevented Envenom from consuming Amplifying Poison if it had exactly 10 stacks. Fixed an issue that prevented Rupture’s duration from benefiting from Animacharged combo points (via Echoing Reprimand) when casting Rupture on an enemy afflicted by Deathmark. Fixed an issue that prevented Deathmark’s effect from being displayed on enemy nameplates. Fixed an issue that prevented some weapon poisons from being applied at a guaranteed rate by Poisoned Knife. Outlaw Fixed an issue with the tooltip of Restless Blades which incorrectly had Sepsis listed as an affected ability. [With weekly restarts] Dispatch damage reduced by 5%. [With weekly restarts] Dreadblades duration reduced to 8 seconds (was 10 seconds) and Energy cost reduced to 40 (was 50). Subtlety Fixed an issue that prevented Silent Storm’s buff from being consumed by Shuriken Storm when cast via Shuriken Tornado.
      Fixed an issue where Shadow Dance ’s recast cooldown was always 8 seconds, regardless of its duration. Recast cooldown now correctly matches duration.
      Fixed an issue that prevented Shadow damage dealt by Secret Technique’s Shadow Clones from being correctly modified by talents that increase Shadow damage.
      Fixed an issue where Inquisitor's Gaze would not attack dummies. Demonology Fixed an issue where Grimoire: Felguard would not correctly apply 5 applications of Fel Sunder. Warrior
      Arms [With weekly restarts] Seasoned Soldier now also grants 10% reduced damage to area effect damage. [With weekly restarts] Battlelord now also increases the damage of Overpower by 25% at all times. [With weekly restarts] Martial Prowess increases the damage of Mortal Strike by 30% per stack (was 25%). [With weekly restarts] Exhilarating Blows chance to reset Mortal Strike or Cleave increased to 20% (was 15%). [With weekly restarts] Fatal Mark damage increased by 20%. [With weekly restarts] Fueled by Violence now heals for 65% of the damage dealt by deep wounds (was 50%). [With weekly restarts] Mortal Strike damage increased by 3.5%. Fury Onslaught’s Rage generation reduced to 25 (was 30) but it is now again correctly affected by Recklessness  causing it to generate 50 Rage while under Recklessness.
      Odyn's Fury’s damage over time effect no longer incorrectly displays for other players on nameplates.
      Protection Fixed an issue that prevented Unnerving Focus from affecting several abilities. Brace for Impact’s tooltip clarified to state it increases block value rather than percentage amount blocked. Enduring Alacrity now correctly modifies your Armor. Focused Vigor now correctly modifies your Armor. [With weekly restarts] Execute damage increased by 30%. Player versus Player
      Several spells that were persisting between Solo Shuffle rounds will now be cleared properly. Rogue [With weekly restarts] Recuperator effectiveness is no longer reduced by 50% in PvP combat. [With weekly restarts] Echoing Reprimand damage is no longer reduced by 50% in PvP combat. [With weekly restarts] Reverberation damage is no longer reduced by 33% in PvP combat. Outlaw [With weekly restarts] Killing Spree damage is no longer reduced by 20% in PvP combat. [With weekly restarts] Pistol Shot damage is no longer reduced by 16% in PvP combat. Subtlety [With weekly restarts] Mastery: Executioner effectiveness is no longer reduced by 20% in PvP combat.
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