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Hi I would like to discuss something about AoE as an arc mage. I do not use any of those talents like Nether Tempest or Arcane orb because it does not seem to be worth to me (maybe if you should do ONLY AoE, which is not case even in dungs). Nevertheless I am curious about following situations. 

Using Arc Explo. in case when there are many short-lasting mobs is without discussion (I guess). But if there are for example 3 mobs, is it wise to use Arc. Explo. 3 times and then use Barrage (with Resonance talent ofc) or is still better to use Arc. Explo 4 times and then Barrage? (now I dont take into consideration my mana, I am only asking whether 4th Arc. Explo in case of 3 targets does enough dmg to be used even if I use only three barrages)

Another point is, if it is worth to use Missiles during AoE (3-5 targets)? Of course if there is something like "priority target" it is, but in terms of dmg is it? 

Using Mark of Aluneth on CD is also without discussion.

Thank you

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This is somewhat legendary dependent...  But IMO, anything below 4 mobs I am dumping missiles before I barrage on the top priority.

When it comes how many explosions to do, I tend to go to the full four, sometimes a fifth (if you have kilt and/or a CD is running) before barrage and missiles.

Assuming you also have the shoulders and it procs, then just explode until barrage is off cooldown and do it again.

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The only time I will cast arcane missiles is when there are 2 to 3 targets... if there are 4 or more targets I just keep doing arcane explosion.  Of course if there is a priority target then using missiles on that target make sense always unless your job is to kill adds.

If you have legendaries like the shoulders and or the kilt then things kinda change a little.  With shoulders I will always try to barrage at 4 arcane charge to launch an orb.  Doing this with 3 or mobs is what I kinda try to stick to.

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