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Necromancer Skeletal Mages Build With Rathma -

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Activating Land allows you to cast devour at will and thus to quickly replenish Essence to summon more mages. Quoted directly from the Guide: "The final source of Essence generation depends on DevourDevour, but empowers it greatly. Land of the DeadLand of the Dead supplies you with an infinite amount of Corpses throughout its short duration, allowing you to replenish Health and Essence almost instantaneously. During its uptime, you will be able to get the maximum number of Skeletal MageSkeletal Mages, all at their maximum power — for a great boost of damage."

Command Skeleton however is paramount to proc Jesseth's set bonus (While Command Skeletons is active, all Minions deal 400% increased damage) this includes the Skeletal Mages which will be the staple of your Damage. And Command Skeleton does add some Damage itself as well as CC when using the recommended rune - not much though.

Hope that helps

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49 minutes ago, Enforsir said:

I do get that.  What I am trying to say is that -Command SkeletonsCommand Skeletons and Land of the DeadLand of the Dead are both in the Reanimation skill

line and cannot be active on the same build.  

Go into Options -> Gameplay and on the right side under "Interface" section you enable "Elective mode" which enables you to put any skill an on button and mix however you wish.

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