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[Zul'jin] [H] <Calamitous Intent> (7/9h) LFM

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Hello there,
We are the Guild of <Calamitous Intent>, and we are a semi-casual heroic raiding guild looking for all kinds of players, mainly to join our Heroic raiding roster! Currently, our raiding roster is looking for more DPS and potentially a healer, but we are open to every kind of player, from the social, to the casual raider, to the pvper, and beyond. Concerning the general environment of the guild, we want to foster a fun, mature, and friendly community. As far as our core raid team is concerned, we value keeping the balance of meaningful progression and personal enjoyment -- when in raid, we expect everyone to try the best they can, come prepared, and be attentive to the fights. But at the same time, we're not the raid team that's going to ask you to make WoW a second job, and we don't want to lose the fun in raiding semi-casually with a solid group of fun, good people. Below are a few more details for what we're looking for from potential raiders:

What You Can Expect From Us:

A group of solid, dependable raiders who take the raid time seriously but also enjoy having fun. As cheesy as it sounds, we're a WoW family, and we really like hanging out and doing content as a team.

When we can, we like to provide food/flask for our raid team. This is possible through the donations to the guild bank, which are not required, but certainly encouraged.

A smaller, close-knit community of players that loves socializing, helping each other out in and out of game, and enjoying the game's features on all fronts. There is almost definitely someone in our guild that shares the same interests as you!

What We Expect From You:

A mature, reliable dps raider who enjoys getting involved and playing with others.

Come prepared to raid with any relevant runes/pots/flasks/food that you need. Any materials that can be provided by the guild bank will be distributed and you will be given notice before raid.

We understand real life comes first and that emergencies happen. We're usually pretty chill if something comes up and you can't make raid and that's communicated. But you're also committing to a progression raiding team, and it's imperative that your attendance to raid is consistent.

We do request that everyone is in our raiding Discord channel for raid sessions for comms.

iLvl, logs, nor experience are super important to us. In our eyes, all of those things can be built up and easily achieved with time. If you have top parses and insane iLvl, great! -- but that's not really what we look at in potential raiders. What we are more concerned about are personalities. We're looking for people with a friendly disposition and a team-oriented mindset.

Additional Details:

Raid times are 7-10 PM EST on Tuesdays and Thursday nights. We ask that you be ready for invite if possible around 6:45 so that we can get invites rolling and give a decent amount of time for raid prep (last minute item pickups, travel time to the raid, last minute talent/comp adjustments, etc).

We also do alt raid nights randomly throughout the week (though we are in the process of pinning down a consistent day). These are certainly not required, and they're ultimately wild-card raiding sessions to help guildies with content that the core raid team has already outpaced (ToS Normal, Nighthold/EN mixed difficulties, etc).

Other than raiding, we do enjoy partaking in other WoW activities! Most of us enjoy Mythic+ dungeons as well as both casual and ranked PvP in our spare time as well. We also have people that enjoy doing transmog runs, achievement hunting, pet and mount collecting, and other activities in game.

If you're interested in talking more with our guild, I'd love to sit down with you and have a chat. Feel free to get in touch by commenting on this thread, DMing me here on Reddit, or sending me a friend request on BNet: Sighduck#11735, or add me on Discord: joshtradomus#9666. I'm really hoping to hear back from you, and I want to wish you the best of luck in your guild search! Have an amazing day!

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