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MM trinkets

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i have a question about the trinket spreadsheet for MM hunter as i have an 875 CoF and an 860 arcano crystal. i have not had the luck to get a medallion, but as it stands, are those two really the best until i get one? i find it hard to believe that those are the best without being a heroic/mythic raider or getting lucky with a titanforge. the only other trinkets i have at the moment are a 910 chronoshard and a 915 void stalker contract which is not on the list and it is hard to pass up on 40+ ilvl. my sim dps is about 900k but im usually a bit behind that and as from what i have seen on warcraft logs im usually between 50-60% and im not sure what to do different.


not sure how logs work, i can post individual if i need to

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40 minutes ago, Khallid said:

Sim all the trinkets you own with Raidbots.com








those are what i ended up getting, i know they are supposed to be perfect non movement fights and all that but it still seems that CoF and arcano are still ahead by atleast 15k which just seems odd for how low ilvl they are. the main thing im concerned with is me being 50% on the few logs i had although im trying to do the exact thing azor did in his video in the guide, i know he has way better gear but i dont feel like im messing up the rotation

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It's not odd for the Unstable Arcanocrystal to give good numbers. It is the best trinket in the game. You need better trinkets than those to replace it.

CoF is also very strong for its item level although it varies a bit more depending on your build. CoF is even better if you're wearing the legendary boots and/or tier 19 2-piece, although it's not the case for you.

Overall, trinkets don't correlate well with item level. The trinkets with strong effects will beat weaker trinkets even with pretty large item level differences. You basically need the trinkets from Tomb of Sargeras to replace what you have (or roll a 910 Unstable Arcanocrystal from Relinquished tokens). Even some 935 trinkets from the mythic+ weekly cache can turn out to be useless.

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