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I need help with my rotation

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Okay I have a slight problem. I can have great burst damage on my DH but like mid way through a fight my dps just drops. Can someone help me with a rotation please? 


Xerohunter - Earthenring - ilvl921


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I'm not sure how much help can be offered given no logs to check your ability usage, so i'll just give the general idea and what i can glean from armory.

First you should enchant neck, cloak and one of your rings, claw for neck, agi to cloak and crit to ring.  For gem sockets, the 200 agi gem is fine, but 150 crit is actually better than 200 agi, and much cheaper, so you can just use those instead(or splurge for the 200 crit epics)


As for the rotation, assuming you are playing the cookie-cutter chaos blades build most of the time, the rotation more or less plays itself but heres some tips:


Never stop attacking something, seems obvious but time spent moving between targets and not attacking is dps lost, even if its just auto-attacks to proc more demon blades.  If you have to move to a target, fel rush, vengeful retreat or felblade to the target rather than running.  Especially never stop attacking during chaos blades, as your auto attack does absurd damage with it up, and doubly so when using delusions as that legendary is useless unless you can use it to line-up your meta CD with your 2 minutes, which requires you to constantly be building and spending.  When using nemesis, make sure you only pop it(and all your other cds) when you can expect to attack that one target for the duration of meta, otherwise hold them for a bit and wait for a better window.


For rotation, always use blade dance when its up, and always use felblade when its up and you are not going to fury cap off of using it.  keeping felblade on cooldown is more important than many people think, as when it is off cooldown, you will waste any felblade resets that you proc, and every felblade proc wasted in this way is a chaos strike worth of fury you've lost(chaos strike averages at 32 fury with your crit level).  So, if you waste 10 felblade procs over the course of the fight by not keeping it on cooldown, you've not only lost the damage from those 10 felblades, but lost 10 chaos strikes worth of resources as well.


Try to get as many cooldown usages during the fight as you can, as they are a large part of havoc's overall damage when playing chaos blades, but when using delusions it's definitely worth saving chaos blades and nemesis to line up with meta, even if you have to wait 15-20 seconds(if you are having problems getting meta down to 2 minutes, consider getting 1-2 meta CDR relics, and make sure to stack haste and crit as much as possible as they really have no ceiling for havoc.).


If you want to get really high-level about it, fel rush can also be used as a single-target increase.  Use it to cut across the bosses hitbox while remaining in melee range, or on smaller targets where this is not possible use it when felblade is up and you can immediately felblade back in after fel-rushing out of melee.  Throw glaive is also important in single-target, largely as a free GCD you can use to keep from running dry on fury.  Using it when you do not have cooldowns up and are starting to run low on fury, can help delay resource starvation and give felblade time to reset, demon blades time to proc, or the cooldown on blade dance time to reset.


9 times out of 10 when someone complains about not meeting their theoretical dps, or doing less than they feel they should, they are simply being inefficient with their rotation or having a low(less than 90%) activity ratio.  Since havoc is a builder-spender class, the entire goal is to avoid ever fury capping, while keeping your priority abilities on cooldown as much as you can, since you can spam chaos strike for eternity as long as you don't run dry.  Mixing felblades(with fel rush if you really want to min-max), blade dances and even throw glaives into your rotation to keep from running dry, spamming chaos strike when you start to get high on resources to prevent capping, and making the most use out of your powerful cooldown burst windows is really all there is to it.

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