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Protection paladin taking too much damage - requesting assistance

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Well, Eternal Flame should preferably be used with 5 stacks of Bastion of Glory for the full effect, and shouldnt be used again before it falls off and at which point u should be at 5 new stack of Bastion of Glory. Also, u said you were saving SoTR cuz it gives us 40% block? WTF? No, it dosnt =D SoTR give u reduced physical dmg taken, the more mastery, the higher this reduced dmg taken is. SoTR should be used as u main dmg midigation skill, and should only be delayed if u know that u'll within 2-3 sec recive a hard hitting physical attack. Use Divive Proteciton for when ur taking high magical dmg and remember that u got strong survivability CD, dont be affraid to use them when needed.


About your dps issue, i have no idea how you can do only 84k on a normal SoO boss if you're doing your Holy power regen rotation correct and using SoTR as you should. Also remember that if all 3 Holy power regen spells are on cd and u cant use SoTR, feel free to squish in a conceration or Holy wrath for extra dmg. Also, get the missing 0,7% you need to be Exp capped, with bad RNG, this can couse u some trouble.


Also, one last thing. You should try to change out all ur Dodge and parry gear with piece that got Haste, Hit, Mastery and Expertise. And remember, for prot pally, haste plate isnt Dps gear, its tanking gear and if your Raid leading isnt an idiot, he should let you roll MS on all plate pieces that dosnt have Crit.


Hope this helps and GL through SoO

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As Horcored said SotR does not give block it gives a 25% physical damage reduction + a percentage of your mastery. From your set bonus I would probably use it on CD as it provides a Hot and you have Unbreakable spirit which I believe makes your divine protection 30 second cd which I personally always use on CD and completely replace eternal flame with sacred shield for the absorb as I wouldnt want 2 self Hots, but that is just me and sacred shield just absorbs damage (although a tiny amount) which is damage not taken. As you know haste is for faster holy power regeneration for active mitigation and there is no reason to refresh eternal flame until it runs out which might be the cause of your damage intake being high. There is no penalty for using SotR more as you just take less damage.


You shouldnt be worried about your damage, thats just my opinion as you are there first for reducing damage and positioning/moving the boss so the raid can do their job and kill the boss, you aren't there for your damage that is just a bonus. Bear tanks from what I noticed they got an stamina buff at the start of this patch and vengeance scales with it which is probably a reason why they are doing more. The reason for the buff is that bear tanks either just straight up get hit by the boss and heal it up with frenzy regen, dodge passively or with savage defense which just gives an increased chance to dodge. As for a paladin you can block it, parry, dodge, and reduce damage with SotR.


You should have SotR buff as much as you can. ALL tanks are viable because if you look at Blood Legion, Method and Paragon they all have used a Protection Paladin during SoO.

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