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fire mage low DPS on H KJ

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Hi guys, so last week was my first time killing H KJ and realized that my DPS is just terrible. Through out ToS I felt like my DPS has been ok. I was hoping you guys had tips or ways I can improve my DPS.

Talents used: FS, IF, FL, UM, Meteor

Legendaries: Bracers and Belt

Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/nazgrel/klamix

Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/g8xPHTrzpC1nqDfY#fight=22&type=damage-done

There was another fire mage that was one level higher than me and he managed to do more damage than me, which hurt my ego a little. Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated. 


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Hi Klamix,


While my guild is not as progressed as yours, I do main fire mage and might be able to point to a few things for you to look at. 

1. First and foremost is your 58% active time on the fight. Yes KJ has plenty of downtime, but that is still quite low compared to the other players in your raid. This means that you were using your global cooldowns less than 60% of the time which will cause a massive DPS loss.

2.You cast more fireballs than pyroblasts. Chaining free pyroblasts is the core of the spec and your casting less pryos than fireballs indicates that your crit% is likely too low. While the t20 2 piece provides an excellent boost and makes us not as reliant as we used to be, its something to consider increasing at lease slightly. 

3. Your ignite(passive burning damage) did more than any other ability, implying there might be an issue with your rotation. A quick simulation puts you at about 1.1m dps on single target; the simulation puts ignite as doing about half of the total dps of what your pyroblast should be doing on the fight. 


My logs for normal kj yesterday


or my logs for heroic maiden last week

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/8AMkV1tD7q6gzZJK#fight=3&type=damage-done  (not advanced logging so no parse %)


Hope this helps a bit!






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Thank you for taking the time to reply. I feel like I am freaking out during the adds and using everything all at once and then I'm left with nothing else to use but fireballs. I will look into my crit and try to manage things a little better.. Thank you for the tips

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In my opinion. Cinder is a better pick than meteor. This was when i played in 7.2.5 so i dont know about the dps right now. However if you feel like you have extra time to cast out fireballs it can always be cinders instead. It also has the same aoe as meteor but the bend of the cinders gives it more potential to me. Consider the talent atleast <3 

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