Patch 7.3 Jewelcrafting & Epic Gems

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Unlocking epic gems is easier than you might think in Patch 7.3. Mac'Aree is now accessible and the new Jewelcrafting quest doesn't have any skill requirement.


I was tired of Skinning and Fiendish LeatherFiendish Leather prices dropped significantly on my realm, that's why I decided to unlearn the profession and replace it with Jewelcrafting. I went to Dalaran and then back to the Vindicaar. Vorel offered "A Colorful Key" quest right away. Once the quest is finished, you can cut epic gems (Design List: Argus GemcuttingDesign List: Argus Gemcutting).


You will need one of each epic gem to complete the quest.

If you don't have access to Mining, you can either get the uncut gems from the Auction House, or buy EmpyriumEmpyrium and prospect it into gems. At Friendly with Army of the Light, you can purchase Design: Mass Prospect EmpyriumDesign: Mass Prospect Empyrium to prospect 20 EmpyriumEmpyrium at once.

Now that you've got the gems, go to Mac'Aree (62, 57). Inside the building is a wall with gems and a chest. Click them one by one, until you are able to open the chest. 


Now you can return back to the Vindicaar and start cutting the following epic gems:

Cutting a 7.3 epic gem adds 3 skill points. The amount of gold you're going to make depends on several variables.

The Supply of Empyrium

Maintaing a reasonable supply of EmpyriumEmpyrium is of utmost importance. The best method is to buy EmpyriumEmpyrium in bulk or have access to Mining. In the worst scenario, you're going to buy it from the Auction House. For pricing, I recommend checking out the Undermine Journal.


The most profitable and time-consuming option is to have Mining on one of your characters. It's something I don't have, because the only way I make gold is by walking from the mailbox to the Auction House, and let's not forget relogging. Mining on Argus is a pain and that time can be allocated elsewhere.

Bulk Buying

Go to the Auction House to find out the current prices of EmpyriumEmpyrium. On my realm, they are selling each for 55 - 60 gold. Now, write in trade chat that you're interested in buying EmpyriumEmpyrium in bulks at an obviously lower price. Prices will vary. If you manage to find a steady supplier and readjust the buy price accordingly, you're going to make the most profit out of the method in terms of invested time/gold.

Purchasing Empyrium From the Auction House

If you decide to purchase EmpyriumEmpyrium from the Auction House to prospect it into gems, make sure you're not buying it overpriced. The problem with the Auction House method is that there will be a limited amount of EmpyriumEmpyrium at a reasonable price.

Prospecting Data

How often will you get gems from prospecting EmpyriumEmpyrium? I used data of various r/woweconomy contributors that posted their prospecting data.

Credits go to:

So in total, the users prospected 35,890 EmpyriumEmpyrium and collected 1,135 gems.

Gem Type Quantity %
ArguliteArgulite 218 19.20
ChemirineChemirine 201 17.71
HesselianHesselian 142 12.51
Florid MalachiteFlorid Malachite 139 12.25
LabradoriteLabradorite 203 17.89
LightspheneLightsphene 232 20.44

As a by-product, you will also get a lot of Gem ChipGem Chips used for the new 7.3 Jewelcrafting crowns and Nightborne Delicacy PlatterNightborne Delicacy Platter.

Selling Gems (Cut vs. Uncut)

It all comes down to what's more profitable. To determine this, I highly recommend downloading the TradeSkillMaster addon. They even have a useful app that runs in the background and updates prices for you, effectively eliminating tireless Auction House scanning. It displays the most recent crafting costs & minimum buyouts in the Professions tab.


The golden rule is to double check everything, and you can do that manually or by using the Undermine Journal.

HesselianHesselian & Florid MalachiteFlorid Malachite cannot be cut into gems. The items are needed to make new 7.3 Jewelcrafting crowns, so sell them uncut straight away, if you don't plan to craft those.

  • If prices of uncut gems are higher than cut, sell raw gems.
  • If prices of cut gems are higher than uncut, sell cut gems.

From my personal experience, Masterful ArguliteMasterful Argulite & Quick LightspheneQuick Lightsphene are bestsellers. Demand for Deadly Deep ChemirineDeadly Deep Chemirine is decent, but for Versatile LabradoriteVersatile Labradorite it's somewhat lackluster.


Situation A

  • Uncut ArguliteArgulite sells for 2,999 gold. Cut Masterful ArguliteMasterful Argulite sells for 3,200 (+201) gold. It is an ideal state to sell gems cut.

Situation B

  • Uncut ChemirineChemirine costs 1,380 gold. Cut Deadly Deep ChemirineDeadly Deep Chemirine costs 1,299 (-81) gold. Obviously, cut gems should sell better than raw, but when there is a surplus of cut gems on the market and people constantly undercut each other, prices may get messy. Wait until prices get back to normal (Situation A), but if you're in dire need of gold, just sell them uncut.

Hopefully, you enjoyed our first part of the 7.3 series revolving around Jewelcrafting and epic gems. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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On 9/10/2017 at 2:29 AM, Dejo93 said:

Imagine how much the market would crash if empyrium was available to buy with BoS.

I'd rather they don't do the vendor thing with primal sargerite. It just made gathering professions ineffective - let those who work hard be rewarded.

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5 hours ago, AfflictionMurlock said:

I'd rather they don't do the vendor thing with primal sargerite. It just made gathering professions ineffective - let those who work hard be rewarded.

Unfortunately, I feel like it will come eventually.

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One big difference with the new gems vs the old world gems is they can be obliterated for ash.  That needs to be taken into account when considering if you are going to sell gems (cut or uncut), because if the price of obliterium on your server is above the price of gems (both raw and cut gems both oblit to around 130ish ash) then you can make money this way as well. 

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6 hours ago, AfflictionMurlock said:

I'd rather they don't do the vendor thing with primal sargerite. It just made gathering professions ineffective - let those who work hard be rewarded.

I dropped herb on my main because it was so much easier to get herbs from the vendor lol 

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On 11. 9. 2017 at 4:48 PM, Path989 said:

One big difference with the new gems vs the old world gems is they can be obliterated for ash.  That needs to be taken into account when considering if you are going to sell gems (cut or uncut), because if the price of obliterium on your server is above the price of gems (both raw and cut gems both oblit to around 130ish ash) then you can make money this way as well. 

I get ~55-60 Obliterum AshObliterum Ash from destroying 1 Versatile LabradoriteVersatile Labradorite. Haven't tried other gems yet. It's definitely not worth it. The cut gem sells for 710 gold , whereas ObliterumObliterum sits at 1,200 gold and Primal ObliterumPrimal Obliterum at 1,400.

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On 9/11/2017 at 2:30 PM, PatrickHenry said:

"Catch-up Mechanic"

It's not here for you! It's here for others!

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