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Holy priest, need help again

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I've asked for advice before here, and it was really helpful so I'm trying it again. I've read guides, watched videos, played with my stats, and I still can't get my hps where I want it to be. It's to the point where I've been removed from my guild's mythic progression team. I'm at my wit's end and about ready to give up on this holy priest thing because I'm so frustrated. I'm the only holy priest in my guild so there isn't even anyone I could talk to for advice. My numbers are usually fairly close to the other healers', but according to Warcraft logs they're very bad for a holy priest at my ilvl. Thank you in advance.

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Looking at your logs, you're doing quite well compared to your co-healers so there isn't a lot of room to move on the farm fights. You would need to have your raid take more damage, or drop a healer to parse well at this stage of the tier so don't worry about your WCL parse colour not being orange! The best metric is how you compare to your cohealers, as there is only so much healing to be done in any particular encounter.

As for your sisters prog, you are running out of mana really early in the encounter. Lots of flash heal with reasonably high overheal isn't doing you any favours. I would suggest in particular for sisters giving Binding Heal a go. Talent into Binding Heal, keep Enlightenment and if you have it, run the Promises trinket for the extra regen (Sisters is a really long fight!).

Generally when running BInding Heal you just use it as your filler instead of Heal and Flash Heal, and keep casting Prayer of Healing. However due to the length of sisters, and due to the bulk of the damage from Incorporeal Shot and Embrace being healed with raid cooldowns, you can play a bit differently.

  1. Cast PoM on cooldown still as normal
  2. Cast your holy words as often as they'll do reasonable healing (lots of opportunities on sisters for this)
  3. If your raid takes large amounts of damage and raid cooldowns are not being used, after Sanc follow up with a couple of PoH casts
  4. Fill with Binding Heal

This method should let you conserve your mana and be more efficient.

I would also try to leytorrent on sisters in the first 3-4 minutes of the encounter, so you can proc your cloak (Glaive Storm is great for this) after, spam heal your heart out during SoR then a while later you can leytorrent again.

Both of these tips should help your mana last longer and net you more healing throughout the encounter. 

Finally, while I don't suggest trying to snipe other healers - if it's causing you problems with your raid spot, give binding heal a try on some other encounters too (you won't need promises though).

  1. Goroth in particular BInding Heal works well with the light spread damage, then Prayer of Healing during the aoe periods.
  2. If you are 5 healing DI again, run binding heal there as well (most of your healing was flash and it had pretty high overheal), and use sanc + PoH combos during the aoe damage to use up that extra mana.
  3. Stick to piety for Harj, and focus more on the frigid blows healing than the UR's. Trying to PoH UR will more often than not just end up overhealing as it's usually topped up quickly.

In general try to get more healing out of PoH/Sanc, and focus less on spot healing with Flash Heal. It's going to net you much more healing once you get used to encounter timings and damage patterns.

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Well, here's the thing, and part of the reason why I'm asking for help. I was told last week that I'm being removed from my mythic progression team at least in part due to these numbers. My guild places a lot of emphasis on those parse numbers, even for healers. The fact that mine is routinely in the gray bothers them. On my own I've been unable to improve enough. I appreciate your tips, Niphyr, and that you took the time to look at my stuff and answer.

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Healing is a zero-sum game. You can only heal the damage that is going out. They should be comparing your healing to your cohealers, and ensuring you're all around the same mark... you can't magically pull orange healing parses if there is nothing to heal up.

The better your raid get at mechanics and the better your cohealers are the harder parsing is, healing is strange like that - so it sounds like they are just treating you like a dps. 

I won't go too much into parsing as a healer but especially this late into the tier you really need to either have bad cohealers, or have the raid setup to your advantage (run less healers, get external mana etc) to parse high.

Feel free to point them at this post if you like, so long as you're keeping up or even exceeding your cohealers, you're doing just fine!

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