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WARRIOR FURY - with Doubts

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Good afternoon friends
I am new to the forum, I follow up a lot of time and although my english is basic, I decided to risk participating, and I have several doubts, I hope you understand lol


I wonder if I have the correct equipment, although the belt probably is not a bis

my dps according to raidbots.com:
but I know this in a 100% error-free fight

I own this ring ilvl 900: http://www.wowhead.com/item=140897/ring-of-the-scoured-clan&bonus=3515:1477
Is it worth changing for one of mine?

I would like someone to review my rotation too.

Thank you

Sorry for any mistake

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Hello Fellow,

Your gear is very well balanced. Yet indeed the legendary helmet is the only part missing, but it will come some day. The legendary Belt .. Rethu's is good for single target, you made very good use of it. It provides you with quite a stat boost due to the 3 sockets.

So let's optimize your rotational issues:

I've viewed Goroth HC:


Your opener was: Charge-Trinket->BC-RP-RB-OF-BT-RB..

The trinket lasts 8 seconds until the final and most damaging proc will happen. Your Battlecry lasts only 7 seconds. In your case the final proc will not be buffed by BC. You have to change this when using the Umbral Moonglaives.

Use this: Charge-Trinket-BT-BC-RP-RB-OF-BT-RB...

It's very important that you have the trinket 1 seconds running until you press BC which means exactly 1 Global CD. Therefore use BT or WW in Multi target situation.

BC Rotation:

Your second BC rotation was kind of messed up. It's correct that you will use BC when it's ready again due to convergence, but the first thing you should cast when you pull BC is either Rampage or RB (if already enraged).

In your case the first thing you did was casting Furious Slash which is the worst option you could have taken. Followed by RB and RP.

Here in a better format: BC-FS-RB-RP-BT-RB-FS

It is essential for your dps to minimize the usage of FS during the whole fight, especially in your BC window. Try to use one of these. I will add the rotations for the legendary combination helm+pants too just for completion:

Helm+Pants - OF Ready : BC-RP-RB-OF-(100Rage)RP-RB-BT

Helm+Pants - OF not Ready: BC-RP-RB-BT-(100Rage)RP-RB-BT

If you do not achieve 100Rage just use what is Ready according to the priority list: RB>BT>FS

Your case:

Belt+Pants - OF Ready: BC-RP-RB-OF-BT-RB-RP

Belt+Pants - OF not Ready: BC-RP-RB-BT-FS-RB-BT/RP

Feel free to use Rampage whenever you reach 100 Rage. I'm not sure when you reach 100 Rage with using this combination of legendarys. In any Case follow the priority list: (100Rage) RP>RB>BT>FS. As already mentioned try to minimize the FS usage.

OF usage:

You did use OF in the middle of the fight without being buffed by BC. Don't do this again. Always save your OF for the next BC window. But never wait for OF to pull BC.

FS usage:

Sometimes you stack FS 2 times. Don't do this again. As already said your upper goal should be to minimize the FS usage as much as possible.

Avatar usage:

You used Avatar without BC in the middle of the fight. Again don't do this again. Save Avatar for the next BC window or use a Makro which pulls Avatar automatically when you press BC. I use that so I don't have to think about it anymore and everytime Avatar is ready when pressing BC it will be automatically activated.

Trinket usage:

Don't use your trinket without BC. As mentioned in the opener section pull it 1 GCD before you pull BC and proceed your BC rotation.

Execute part:

Unfotunately you messed this up too. The rotation you used seems somehow panicked.

Your rotation: BC-RB-EX-OF-RB-BT-WW

Until you used BT you were not enraged which means your mastery value will not be calculated to your damage and was totally useless.

If you can execute the boss and it is useful to use execute - use this execute BC rotation:


While the Rotation until BC is ready should be: EX-RB-BT (repeat).

If you run out of rage you probably have to use FS or (if Ready) OF to gain some Rage. Don't use Rampage in the execute phase as it will dump all you rage which you should use for executes.


It's a very long list, but if you stick to these tips and use fix rotations for your BC window you could break the 1,1 - 1,2 mil. dps with current gear. Train you BC rotations to be more certain what to use next. The BC window is very predictable.


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Good afternoon my friends, after reading several times and put into practice everything that was passed to the correct rotation, I decided to do a fight in the Goroth LFR.

1- I am using the macro that the Avatar will only be enabled in the fight when the BC has available

2- I am always waiting for BC to use OF and trinket only

3- RP only use with 100 rage

4- The Execute phase was the worst part, because I did not understand, I'm using BC> BT> EX> EX> RB

5- I took the legendary cloak and tried to find a situation using it along with the pants, but my current situation of gear is much more balanced! Do you recommend the cape with the pants?

6- I always use RP (100rage)> RB> BT> FS during the fight

>> I have convergence (look at my gear in the link I started at the beginning)

Thank you, sorry for my english

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Do I need 30% or more haste? because whenever I put haste of what mastery my dps increases


i now use: 

26% haste

46% mastery

No. You no longer need 30% haste. When our preferred talent choice became Reckless AbandonReckless Abandon, it removed the need for a 30% haste point. If you just happen to hit 30% then that's fine - don't worry about it - but it's no longer necessary for the rotation.


1 hour ago, Jhopz said:

The Execute phase was the worst part, because I did not understand, I'm using BC> BT> EX> EX> RB

Execute is pretty simple and only varies if you use Massacre by choice or if you're using Soul of the BattlelordSoul of the Battlelord. All you need to do is spam Execute to maintain your Junggernaut stacks while using Bloodthirst / Raging Blow to gain the rage to do so. When your BC window is available, use it, BT to Enrage yourself, and spam Execute.

You can use Odyn's Fury during this rotation but it's only advisable to do so outside of your Battle Cry window and when you're rage-starved but yet also enraged.


1 hour ago, Jhopz said:

5- I took the legendary cloak and tried to find a situation using it along with the pants, but my current situation of gear is much more balanced! Do you recommend the cape with the pants?

You can use SimulationCraft / Raidbots to determine which is the better gear combination. Also taking the encounter mechanics into consideration will help aid you in determining which pieces are best at any given time. There is really no "blanket" answer, outside of theoretical situations, to tell you what is best all the time. Use simulations and use your best judgement on the encounter; these things will tell you which is best to use.

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thanks for the help, from 1 to 6, taking the corrections you did, the rest right? because I have the avatar doubts being used only in the BC macro and the others, to know if I'm on the right track

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