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Checking Logs & Improvement

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Hello Guys

Since ToS came out im playing UH DK but im not really happy with my DPS output

I can pull on some fights over a million on some fights im stuck at 800-900k but im not really sure  what i have to improve to get better

additionally i cant read the logs as thourougly as you guys do^^

this log is from yesterday



i was very lucky regarding legendarys so i have Cold Heart and the Shoulders

also i have soul of the deathlord which i only use on Mistress with a Defile build ( not on this log)


so im very happy if u could check the log and help me to get better^^




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Hi Fl0vv, 


One thing that I instantly noticed is that you have VERY low Virulent Plague uptime, on some bosses even under 60%. VP is our 2nd most damaging ability and you should really try to have it up at all times.  Secondly,  you should ideally be using 2 pots and also might want to consider playing with Infected Claws instead of Shadow Infusion since you don't wear CoF. 


I can't really analyze too in-depth since I am on Mobile,  but I'll PM you my BTag so we can talk there,  might help since I'm German,  as well :D


Hope that helps


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Thank you for looking over it 

60% uptime is quite low yes :( but I was dead quite a long time too on sime fights so maybe  that was one of them  

Also im wearing CoF all the time when im using DA build so I don't know where you have seen that .

did you look on armory? Maybe there because in open world i don't equip it 


A little bit more in depth over all would be nice cause i think it can't be only VP uptime to do more dps 

so where are all the other dk's here :)



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I've had another proper look now since I am on PC and can properly analyze. Here are a few things that I encountered:

- Low Unholy Frenzy Uptime, which means you do not really play your rotation outside of the DA window correctly, otherwise your uptime would definitely be higher. Try to keep your wounds between 2-6 on the target if possible.

- Relatively low DA damage for your Gear - Do you prepare for DA windows (pooling resources etc.)? Do you make sure you line up your buffs (Potion, DT, Army and whatnot) to maximize DPS?

- The Virulent Plague uptime seems to be consistently low apart from Mistress, as mentioned before, it's essential to our DPS.


What is your Opener for boss fights, maybe you are not opening as well as you can,




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Yeah thats definitely a problem for me

I try to keep my wounds and VP up on the target but there are times where i literally cant do

anything, because i have no runes or rp ... i think im doing something wrong

is it also necessary on multiple targets? the adds on mistress live long enough to put Vp up but on harjatan for example

they die so fast


to the DA dmg

i never get more than 10 to max 12 DC out during DA ... 10 most of the time .. a little bit more with BL

on the second or third DA im trying to have minimum 3 runes and 90 rp before i cast... but i cant manage it always because of the problems written above :(

opener is the following

(10 sec pull)

7 sec Army

2 sec Pot

wraith walk

2x festering strike  and pray for 6 wounds... if not one more festering strike



Chains of Ice


Dark Transformation


and then use all procs and rp

festering strike only until 5 wounds else scourge strike


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So i've compiled a very long list of stuff you could've done better. My startpoint is your goroth HC log.


Setup choices:

Gear: Most of your stuff is unechanted and gemmed poorly - stack mastery in EVERYTHING, even over 200 str etc. 

Talent choices: Since the fight is just barely 3 mins long you would only ever be able to fit in 2 dark arbiters, so you get 0 benefit from using shadow infusion and COF combo. This combo only helps if it allows you to fit another DA in. 



With 16% haste you prolly want to army at 6 seconds before, not earlier. You want to apply outbreak and coldheart immediately before your festering strikes. Also your pets were on fucking passive the first 15 seconds, like come on? 

Opener should be like this with lust on pull.

6 secs before army -> outbreak on pull -> cold heart, 2x -> festering

If 6 stacks of wounds -> apocalypse -> festering -> dark arbiter -> death coil x2 -> dark transformation -> deathcoil/festering spam

If not 6 stacks -> wait for next festering -> apocalypse -> dark arbiter -> death coil x2 -> dark transformation.


Dark arbiter damage:

Looks like you were a bit unlucky with procs from sudden doom and trinket doing dark arbiter. However you should focus on generating as much runic power during the CD as possible, which might mean stacking over on wounds by spamming festering even with 6+ stacks. 


Midpull management:

As stated earlier no reason to run COF combo. 

You are sitting on stack for too long, you had a fully stacked cold heart waiting for ½ minute - do not prolong it for a potential proc, you can however consume at earlier if you have a lot of procs lining up. Same with sudden dooms, don't allow them to run out. 

Where is your 2nd army? Any fight above 2minute you should be able to use army of the dead again, which you didn't. With your haste level you should've been able to fit another in, big loss. 

As others have stated: Virtulent plague uptime is horrible, refresh this with sub 2,8 seconds left EVERY time. This dot should ALWAYS be up, ALWAYS, it hits insanely hard. 

If you want to perform well you should use consumables like 2nd potion and augment runes. 

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Wow this sounds very devastating^^

Gemmed and enchanted is everything now.. rings with haste again... 17% now



So if the fight is shorter than 3-4 minutes i go with infected claws and another trinket? specter for example?


i tried your opener the last days and it plays quite smoother for me than before...but do i really have to wait for the next FS if i dont have 6 wounds? 

is it really a difference between 6 and 7 seconds army prepull?

but why should i cast after DA 2x deathcoil before dark transformation? i thought i should pump as much as rp as possible during DT?



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So yeah its gonig to boil down to whether you will get an extra arbiter in.

A 2min fight would only allow 2 arbiters with COF, a 3½min fight would only allow 3 arbiters with COF, etc. 

Its hard to know beforehand, especially with pugs. 


And yes i would always wait for 6 stacks, unless it would severely screw your timings up later (mistress mythic bufferfish or something similiar). 

The army on 7 seconds just seems wasted, you get the 2-piece dmg bonus but you lose so many seconds of it.

The reason you cast a deathcoil between dark arbiter and dark transformation is becuase the valkyr doesn't start doing damage immediately so you can hold onto ur DT for longer, meaning the next few globals after DT can be used to reapply wounds (which DT consumes), potentially not missing out on an extra wound popped. There is no point empowering the valkyr before it starts doing damage anyway. 



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