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I play a lot of specialist, and a few of them very well (at least by silver/gold league standards...not claiming to be a master).   You have guides on each individual hero, but I would like to see more guidance on roles, in general, but specifically to specialists.  Sometimes I struggle mid game with where I should be.  Questions like:

1) Help with obj or take down a wall and/or fort?

2) Clear/soak XP in lane(s) or team fight?

3) push with boss vs defend against their boss (same time)?

4) clear camps or someone else should?


There are a lot of variables in all these (map, team comp, who has forts/keeps down in certain lanes, etc.).  I would love to see a guide to map awareness, which I guess does not specifically pertain to specs.

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Oxygen is working on general gameplay guides, which should cover the topics you mention. Most of those can however be learned through experience, which is what I would recommend, because there are things that no guide can teach you well.

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