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Hey guys,

I'm new to playing enhancement, played it for 3-4 weeks now.

I feel like my dmg is okay, but could be better. I know I need to get more uptime on my flametongue (85-90% usually).

I'm really unhappy with my perfomance on Avatar HC, I just lose so much dmg do you have any tips here?

Other meeles like our frost dk don't seem to lose that much.

Char: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/thrall/shamoozl

Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/thrall/shamoozl

My opening looks like:

1. pre-pot prolonged power

2. Rockbiter

3. Flametongue

4. Feral Spirit

5. Crash Lightning

6. Earthen Spike

7. Trinket

8. Doomwinds

Im glad for any help :)

/edit: only other leggy right now is sephuz



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This has nothing to do with you personally, but what stands out to me is when you guys are casting heroism.  On your two best pulls you guys were dropping down with 30-35% left on Avatar.  Goal is at least 30%.  But it's definitely doable to push closer to 20% (note: if you push Avatar below 20% he will consume Maiden, so kill her off if there's a chance you're going to hit 20% before the 4th cleansing protocol).  The benefits to heroing on pull are huge: guaranteed to line up with personal CDs/potions/on-uses/etc. and far, far less movement required compared to P2.  Heroism is largely wasted in P2 with the sheer amount of movement required to avoid tornadoes and handling dark mark.  DPS often times find themselves off the boss entirely, just to survive.

If your raid leader is willing to hero on pull, you should see a personal DPS increase, as well as an overall increase to the raid's DPS too.

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Another thing you should be doing is using Hailstorm since you have the ring.  The full proc effect is nice and Hailstorm will do a fair amount of damage.


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