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Hunter MM Ilvl 919 DPS Issues

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Hello there fellow Hunters! 


I have always played with MM Hunter and my gear at the moments is decent imo, i just need to know what i am doing wrong, since i am following the Hunter MM guide and im still doing way less dps then what my Sim shows.


Here is the link for my last battle :https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/WhjJ3F46HAgKwMxb#fight=1&view=analytical&type=damage-done


This is my armory https://worldofwarcraft.com/pt-br/character/azralon/funchicoo


My sim shows that i should be doind 1.1M dps but i usually do 700-800k dps, can you guys help me on trying to find what im doing wrong.




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There's another MM hunter in your group, why don't you ask him/her for advice? Or at least look at what he/she does first.


Now, there's a few small details, like how you used crows only 2 times, when the fight is longer than 2 minutes, so you should have used it three times, like the other hunter did. You're supposed to use Crows as your opener attack, so it hits during Trueshot's increased crit damage, not after. You used multishot once for no reason in that particular log, but it's not  really important. 


The largest error I see (looking at Goroth) is you used Trueshot only once, whereas you should've been able to use it twice. Even without Quick Shot relics, the basic 4 ranks drops the cooldown to 2:22, and that log is 2:58.

Another significant factor is you didn't use potions. Potion of prolonged power lasts for 1 minute. If you prepot and use 2 potions that is 2 whole minutes of 2500 extra agility. That's about 75% uptime for a fight this short, and it's a very significant amount of extra damage.

Another big factor is you didn't use flasks. That's 1300 agility. Flasks last for an hour and don't drop even if you die. There's no excuse for a serious raider to not use flasks and potions. Sims assume that you do use them.


I don't see anything wrong in your attack distribution or the your Aimed Shot damage. As far as I can tell you hit during Vulnerable correctly and you don't overuse Marked Shot.


For gear, you're using the legendary cloak, which is a pretty bad one. I'll assume you don't have the boots or the gloves. Your cloak should have a 200 Agi enchant, not a 100 mastery. Overall your stats look ok. I don't think Naraxas trinket is very good, but it's probably not the worst either.

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