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Need help with my survival hunter. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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I feel that my dps isn't as high as it should be. 


Here's my armory 



Here's a log of a 3min fight



I think the log may a bit goofed from Lynx Rush. It says my serpent sting only had a 33% uptime but I'm sure it was up the entire time.


As far as I know I haven't strayed from the guides rotation too much.

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Ask Mr Robot mate ... Expertise is over cap and doesn't need to be so much. Can't decrease your hit other than replacing that trinket. Most other ilvl trinkets would be a massive upgrade on the Talisman, recommend to change.


Rotation doesn't seem to have anything obviously wrong, but I would much rather see a boss fight, will be able to tell you more then.


Make sure Serpent Sting is up as much as possible, I use powerauras for this but weakauras is probably better these days as will be updated. WoL can sometimes bug while tracking SS so not too sure if it was down a lot.


For your ilvl I wouldn't say thats bad, without raid buffs too.

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Hunters do not benefit from like say ret pallys with stacking obscene amounts of haste  or like a fury warriors with crit so it may be a small thing but I would recommend changing the haste gem in your belt to a flat 160 agility and same with the 80 agility 160 crit gem in the gloves. 


Crit is still the best stat after agility for hunters but if theres a red socket/prismatic you are best sticking a pure agility gem in it.


Other than that I didnt see much, your wol says theres no damage from A murder of crows while you are specced into it for survival, did you use Lynx Rush instead? As you know marksman doesnt really pull the numbers that survival and BM pulls, which Im sure you know. (just small comment on the spec are you logged out on.)


As Xinto said your dps seems fine for not being raid buffed. I would say thats about normal what it should be.

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Sha of Pride [4th] is one of the best early bosses for guaging DPS.


Protectors [2nd] isn't a bad boss either since you should be cleave dpsing.

[NB: to me there are 3 types of dps, single target (does what it says on the tin), AoE (dps all adds equally, to best of ability), Cleave (focus dps on one target while spreading dps to surounding targets without hurting your dps on your focus target]


Agree with Trieu about the agility gems, Red/pris socket should be pure agility. But as suggested before AMR (Ask Mr Robot) will set you on the right track in that respect. [For any haters out there, they are far superior to what it use to be, I use to dislike AMR since it wasn't optimal, just close to optimal, but now they are so much better]


Crows is better than Lynx even for AoE, as long as you can get it on one target for its duration. If that isn't possible, chances are you will be switching targets frequently, so Blink Strikes has a better chance at increasing your dps.


Anything else we can help with? =)

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