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Guild Stuck on Mistress Sassz'ine Heroic

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HI there,

We are a semi casual raid and stuck on Mistress Sassz'ine. Right now, I think people are sick of my suggestions or comments on what I think may be the problem. I think I am becoming the 'annoying" one in the raid! I am not the raid leader and I am a healer. However saying all that I would like an outside person who could tell me what we doing wrong! Personally I think us healers are not co-ordinatng CDs very well (and I simply can't get this organised as I am not the lead healer - I don't think we even have one - more like a veteran healer then a  lead healer. We have two healers who do not use mics, one who does but never says anything during the fight (the veteran) and me who feels like I am becoming the raid nag...


We run at 4 healers for 14-16 people IF we dieing and making no progress otherwise its 3. Right now its 4 for this boss. We usually run a Druid, Pally and Shaman (and 2 shamans if we go to 4 healers).

Here is the link or the logs:



I tried to read the logs but I don't really see how to read the data to get answers.


1. Can you see anything GLARING that we can improve on? 

2. My performance was subpar and I was wearing my dps gear.....but any critic I will take on the chin.

3. I wonder if I am better to swop out to my monk on this fight rather then have two shamans 

4.And should I just zip my lips when I have any comments/suggestions? 


People say its people not doing mechanics (and then no explanation or letting individuals know) - if I hear that one more time I think I will scream as I feel like we do the same thing again and again expecting different results and we know what they say about that. 


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Okay, first of all:

You've got two Prot Paladins. Those are currently fairly weak in comparison to the other tank specs.
Our Prot already re-rolled to Guardian Druid.
However, as i can see in the replay of Wipe#1, the first tank died as SotR wasn't up. That means, he got nearly twice the damage from Mistress' melee hits. He survived 2 hits while the 3rd one killed him. In this situation, the healers have to focus on the currently active tank. Or at least one of them. Maybe you have to assign a healer specifically for this task.

The other tank died due to Crashing Wave. This also shouldn't happen. One method to avoid splitting up during the wave would be to assign marks to the tanks. And the active tank then says "Follow ", as an example.

Jaws from the Deep has to be healed.
Some players died because they were melee targeted by adds. This should never ever happen. The tanks have to immediately hit them to get all the aggro and allow enough cleave to both, Mistress and the adds.


I hope this helps :D
Good luck!

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While it's certainly not perfect, you can use this to check out some of the players' individual performance on fights.


It's a tool that analyses logs based on the "perfect" ideals of a spec performance in a specific time frame. It doesn't always work perfectly, but can tell if you are incredibly undercasting some spells.

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