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Healing Shaman BROKEN

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It has already been said, but keeping Earth Shield up on one of the tanks, is a must. Also Eearthliving Weapon is the weapon imbue for resto, there is no reason for any other.


I would also say that the glyph of chaining is situational at best. For moments of stacked healing, when Ascendance is active, spamming Chain Heal, inside of a Healing Rain, with the conductivity talent is an amazing raid CD.


For your pure spirit gems, try switching to a Purified Imperial Amethyst (80 int 160 spirit). I would also adjust your haste slightly, you are currently between two soft caps, I'd pick the one you're comfortable with and then go for it. With a Druid and Priest healing along side you, your mastery will not be as useful, for the most part, so going for crit could be an avenue to explore as well.


When you get a chance, replace your trinkets, they are not great for resto. Aside from that, once you have finished the legendary quest line and obtained your meta and cloak, you'll find your HpS going up. 

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Glyph of Chaining is situational in 25s but in 10s it's pretty much a go-to glyph. I only switch OUT of it on a few fights. :)

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Hi Stoove


Here are the logs from tonights raid.

Are you able to do an compare on this with yourself.

That would be fantastic


'fraid I can't see any new log links in your post. Are they up on your guild's WoL page?

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Yeah they have been put up for the last few runs.

We have progressed further then bee have this week with my heals better this week then last.

Are you able to see the logs from my guild?

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Yes, I can see them. Holy crap, you guys raid all week! o.0 Which days are the important ones? I'll cut it down to those to compare.

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I'll just pick fights I think are interesting and run through them;

Galakras (comparison)


  1. I notice you're doing a lot of single-target damage. Why? If anything, the main priority for you should be the War Banners (which can be killed by a single Frostshock). Are you going up the towers?
  2. Your Healing Rain usage was decent, but you can do better. I find that a good place to keep it is within the Blizzard/Flamestrike effect area.
  3. Your HST usage seems good overall. Mine has more hits, but I would estimate that this is because of a difference in Haste values. Likewise for HTT, yours healed more than mine by 1 tick - this is likely due to the odd behaviour of totem breakpoints. Overall; good.
  4. Ascendance usage could still be improved.
  5. Nice to see you have Earthliving up. Look at all the healing it did! :D
  6. Still a low ES uptime. Mine did ~1M more healing than yours because of that.
  7. You're barely using Unleash Life! Use it before Healing Rain to buff it by 30%!
  8. My Riptide healed about 4 times what yours did. Part of this is due to Haste breakpoints. However, I used it about 60% more times than you did. I do believe I was not using the glyph of Riptide on this fight, so you can certainly do better.
  9. Why do you use Healing Surge so often? It's inefficient and not even faster than Greater Healing Wave (when you're casting Riptide on cooldown).

All in all, a MUCH better performance than the last one I reviewed. I'm being nit-picky though; good job overall :)

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