Mythic Dungeon Invitational: Americas & Europe

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The group stage of Mythic Dungeon Invitational is over and two teams from each region are advancing to the Global Quarter Finals.

Our friends at provide great data for all stages of the competition. Definitely check them out!

The following affixes were put into play during the regionals:

Affix 1

Affix 2

Affix 3
















Event Details

  • Gear's scaled to ilvl 935, Artifact weapons to ilvl 965
  • Loser chooses next dungeon
  • Best of 3 series & top 2 teams advance to the next stage of the competition


Friends with Affixes and Premonition are teams advancing from the Americas. Only seconds divided both teams, but Premonition were able to defeat Friends with Affixes in both games. 

Here's the final bracket for the region:





Raider.IO had no issues beating Team Bigpull 2:0. In both games Raider.IO was almost 5 minutes ahead of Team Bigpull. Both teams are advancing to the Global Finals.

Here's the final bracket for Europe:




Global Quarter Finals

Eight teams are advancing to the next stage of the competition that starts in 4 days.

global quarter finals.JPG


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BOOM!  Go Raider.IO!  =D


I can't wait to see the match between them and Friends with Affixes.  If I had to make a prediction, I'd put the final match between Raider.IO and Premonition.

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11 hours ago, Blainie said:

Was hoping One Heal would at least do something :(

I hear ya - they were one of the ones I was looking at too.  However, they did lose to another great team (Wheezing Harsies), so I can't fault them.

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6 hours ago, Ancalagon said:

I hear ya - they were one of the ones I was looking at too.  However, they did lose to another great team (Wheezing Harsies), so I can't fault them.

Yeah, it wasn't like they did badly either. Was just those few seconds that ended up adding up on final bosses.

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      With scheduled maintenance this week, we intend to make some targeted adjustments to Azerite Traits:

      All Classes (Healer) Ephemeral Recovery mana increased by 15%. (Healer) Savior trigger threshold increased to 50% health (was 35%).
      Death Knight (Blood/Unholy) Bone Spike Graveyard: damage increased by 100%. (Unholy) Festering Doom: damage increased by 25%.
      Demon Hunter (Havoc) Eyes of Rage: damage increased by 20%. (Havoc) Furious Gaze: Haste increased by 40% and duration increased to 12 sec. (Havoc) Revolving Blades: damage reduced by 35%. (Havoc) Thirsting Blades: damage increased by 70%. (Vengeance) Revel in Pain : absorption increased by 20%.
      Druid (Balance, Guardian, Restoration) Craggy Bark : absorption increased by 15%. (Balance) Dawning Sun: damage increased by 40%. (Balance) Streaking Stars: damage reduced by 40%. (Balance) Sunblaze: damage increased by 35% (unchanged in PvP). (Feral) Iron Jaws: damage increased by 66% (unchanged in PvP). The benefit of having multiple copies of this trait active is reduced. (Guardian) Gory Regeneration : healing increase increased by 15%. (Guardian, Feral) Masterful Instincts : bonuses increased by 10%.
      Hunter (Beast Mastery, Marksmanship) Rapid Reload: damage increased by 25% and tooltip corrected to say "more than 2 targets." (Beast Mastery) Pack Alpha: damage increased by 60% (unchanged in PvP). (Beast Mastery) Dance of Death: Agility increased by 20%. (Marksmanship) Unerring Vision: Critical Strike increased by 100%. (Marksmanship) Focused Fire: damage increased by 30%. (Survival) Blur of Talons: Agility increased by 65%. (Survival) Up Close And Personal: Damage increased by 40%.
      Mage (Arcane) Galvanizing Spark: damage reduced by 30% (unchanged in PvP). (Arcane) Explosive Echo: damage reduced by 35%. (Frost) Frigid Grasp: Intellect increased by 100%. (Frost) Packed Ice: Damage increased by 120% (+45% if used with Splitting Ice). Reduced by 50% against players. (Frost) Glacial Assault: Chance to activate increased to 20%.
      Monk (Mistweaver) Burst of Life : healing increased by 20%. (Windwalker) Open Palm Strikes: damage increased by 60% (unchanged in PvP).
      Paladin (Protection) Dauntless Divinity : block increased by 20%. (Protection) Judicious Defense: absorption increased by 10%. (Retribution) Divine Right: Strength increased by 40%, duration increased to 15 sec. (Retribution) Expurgation: damage increased by 15%.
      Priest (Discipline, Shadow) Depth of the Shadows : healing increased by 20%. (Holy) Blessed Sanctuary : bonus increased by 10%. (Holy) Permeating Glow : bonus increased by 15%. (Shadow) Spiteful Apparitions: damage bonus increased by 75% when the Auspicious Spirits talent is not selected. (Shadow) Searing Dialogue: damage increased by 150%.
      Rogue (Assassination, Subtlety) Sharpened Blades: damage reduced by 30% (unchanged in PvP). The benefit of having multiple copies of this trait active is reduced. (Assassination) Poisoned Wire: Critical Strike increased by 50%. (Outlaw) Brigand's Blitz: Haste increased by 50%. (Subtlety) Blade In The Shadows: damage reduced by 25%. (Subtlety) The First Dance: Now grants 2 stacks of the Critical Strike bonus when activated. Critical Strike bonus reduced by 25%.
      Shaman (Enhancement) Strength of Earth: damage increased by 60%. (Enhancement) Roiling Storm: damage increased by 100% (unchanged in PvP). (Restoration) Soothing Waters : healing increased by 10%
      Warrior (Arms) Executioner's Precision: damage increased by 75% (unchanged in PvP). (Arms) Test of Might: Strength reduced by 15%. (Fury) Reckless Flurry: damage reduced by 25%. (Fury) Bloodcraze: Critical Strike increased by 100%. (Protection) Reinforced Plating : Strength increased by 10%.
      Warlock (Affliction) Dreadful Calling: damage increased by 30%. (Demonology) Forbidden Knowledge: damage increased by 35% (unchanged in PvP). The benefit of having multiple copies of this trait active is reduced. (Demonology) Umbral Blaze: damage increased by 20%. (Demonology) Explosive Potential: duration increased to 15 sec. (Destruction) Accelerant: duration increased to 12 sec. (Destruction) Crashing Chaos: damage reduced by 30% (unchanged in PvP). (Destruction) Rolling Havoc: duration increased to 15 sec.

      Alongside these changes, we plan to increase the damage output of a few affected specs: Arcane Mage: all damage increased by 3%. Balance Druid: Starsurge and Starfall damage increased by 15%. Destruction Warlock: Incinerate, Conflagrate, and Immolate damage increased by 10%. Fury Warrior: all damage increased by 6%.
      You'll see the final adjustments in our hotfixes update post on Tuesday.
    • By Starym
      There are some big changes coming to taunts on the 8.1 PTR which players noticed and talked about them on the forums, and today we're getting some official info on the matter. The changes are related to the threat bonus after using taunts and some of them that had players worried are only related to tooltip text, so the extra threat is not actually being removed, but it is getting reduced. The intention seems to be to keep the actual taunt gameplay pretty much the same as it is now so it's slightly weird this is even being tinkered with. In any case check out the full explanation:
      Taunt (source)
      Sorry for the delay in responding to this; I wanted to make sure I had all my info 100% correct before I said anything, rather than risk giving you incorrect or incomplete info.
      So first off: the threat bonus from using taunts is not being removed. That's a tooltip change that was made entirely for consistency; every taunt increases threat generation while it's active, but it was only mentioned in the tooltip for a few of them for some reason. So that's just basic housekeeping.
      However, separate from the tooltip change, we are going to experiment a little with reducing how big the threat bonus is on the 8.1 PTR. Currently, it's pretty massive, which is a holdover from when it was first added in Mists of Pandaria. Remember, back then active tanks were dealing huge amounts of damage (and thus, threat) due to the Vengeance mechanic, and so the offtank needed a huge threat boost to be able to keep aggro through tank swaps. That mechanic hasn't existed for a few expansions now.
      Nowadays, in BFA, threat is once again something tanks need to keep in mind, and that massive bonus opens us up to all sorts of wacky issues as DPS (both from tanks and from damage dealers) increases. As one example, there's a risk that we end up in a situation where certain tanks need to use their taunt on cooldown as part of their single target rotation. That would be bad for several fairly obvious reasons.
      So, we're going to try it with a lower bonus on the PTR and see what happens. Our expectation is that there is no tangible effect on your gameplay; you still use taunts exactly how you do now, and they have the same result.
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      It's Monday so it's back to work for the devs, with several issues getting addressed over in the forums and on twitter. From an Anchor Weed harvesting buff, to Azerite traits in PvP getting increased damage when you lower your item level, as well as a long discussion on Arcane Torrent being on the GCD, there's a lot to cover.
      We start with Anchor Weed and a hotfix is coming up that will increase the amount harvested at Ranks 2 and 3, easing the slightly insane prices of flasks etc. right now, in addition to the upcoming 8.1 recipe cost tweaks.
      Anchor Weed (source)
      Posted by Margirita
      Yeah though. Considering time invested people are not asking unreasonable prices for these pots. Something is very wrong with the supply of herbs to the market.

      Right now its the lack of Anchor Weed driving it all up.
      We've got a current hotfix in the works that should address some of the right now problems by increasing the amount of Anchor Weed per gather for ranks 2 and 3.
      In case anyone hasn't seen the datamining for 8.1, we're also looking at tweaking the recipe costs a little to bring the material cost of recipes requiring Anchor Weed down as well. This of course isn't final and could change, but just wanted to let you guys know that we're looking into these kinds of things.
      The there's the pretty weird Azerite trait damage scaling up when the overall item level goes down:
      Azerite Trait PvP Scaling (source)
      Posted by Dccw
      Credit to u/Narabug on Reddit.
      TLDR: Azerite trait dmg and healing scales inversely to your equipped iLVL. Traits with static numbers (not percentage based) will scale exponentially by lowering your equipped iLvL.
      "PvP Scaling Magic" -
      Damage - You become more balanced as you and your enemies iLvl are closer together. If your iLvl is significantly lower and your enemies is significantly higher, you will deal more and take less damage from them, and they will deal less and take more damage from you.
      Healing - You will heal your teammates less if you lower your iLvl and they have a higher iLvl. However, they will be able to heal you significantly more in proportion to your total HP when your iLvl is low and the healers iLvl is high.
      Based on peoples testing it seems like the optimal gear setup would be -
      Highest iLVL Azerite gear with triple stacked traits.
      Low iLVL armor with the most gem sockets possible and most optimal secondary stats for your spec. Also, old world gear with special bonus effects on them.
      The bonuses from lowering your iLvL seem to taper off once you get below 300 or above 370.
      Hey guys!
      There are indeed some issues that you guys have pointed out, which are in the process of being hotfixed. These have to do with Azerite gear slots (and gems) not being weighted in the system as much as they should, and bugs with lower level trinkets being usable at max level. As much fun as it is to relive Taunka Time, we will be working on getting these fixed up.
      I've raised the cap on this thread so any further specific examples you guys have that haven't already mentioned would be great, as getting this resolved is a high priority at the moment. Thanks for all the examples so far.
      Then there's a long discussion on Arcane Torrent and why it's on the GCD:
      Arcane Torrent GCD (source)
      Arcane Torrent is effectively a Mass Dispell/AoE Purge, as well as a free HP generation. I think it's pretty fair that one is on the GCD as its still very powerful.
      Shadowmeld doesn't have near that much of an impact if you're comparing what the abilities actually do. I don't think the mentality should be "All Racials should be on or off GCD" but rather what they do individually that dictates that.
      Of course the feedback is welcome but specific examples of why X or Y ability should be on or off is great as always.
      Posted by Sifu
      You don't think a VANISH that lets you escape from death every 2 minutes doesn't have as much impact?

      When you're comparing the two abilities to each other, no. I think Arcane Torrent is far more powerful in both a PvE and PvP standpoint.
      The ability for classes like Paladins to purge a buff, and generate a HP, in a singular global is very strong. Imagine that off the GCD and it becomes even stronger.
      Game worked fine for 11 years with a much better Arcane Torrent off the GCD isn't specific enough?
      I think you need to look in the context of what Arcane Torrent did originally. Since it was a Silence/Interrupt, it would be a little strange on the GCD as interrupts shouldn't be on the GCD. That's at is core is what the ability was made to used for, to silence. So it should be off.
      Now with the rework since its more in line with a Purge, it should be on the GCD. I'm not the biggest fan of some of the GCD changes personally but I think the new Arcane Torrent is an example of something that definitely should be on the GCD.
      Posted by Nexcoyotl
      HP generation? Torrent only provides class resources like mana/runic power/energy. Kind of a shame how a blizz employee does not even know how the spell functions.
      09/24/2018 12:41 PMPosted by Sifu
      What HP generation? It generates a minuscule amount of resources that isn't even worth the 1.5s GCD it incurs. Unless there is something to dispel, it is worthess.
      If you play Ret for example, it generates a Holy Power, which is a class resource for Ret. So if all your abilities are on CD waiting for the next ability, you can toss in Arcane Torrent if there is nothing to purge. Which equates to a free Holy Power every time it's up. This can save your Relentless Inquisitor, Inquisition, or Righteous Verdict, so that you can keep those buffs rolling. That's a lot of power for a racial ability.
      There's a reason why its in the Ret opener, and mentioned in the overall rotation, for most if not all guides if you're a Blood Elf. It's small when compared to your regular class abilities but that's a pretty big for a racial.
      09/24/2018 12:40 PMPosted by Dliver
      Feel free to change it back whenever ?

      I do find myself missing the AoE silence, but I actually prefer the newer version myself. I think it's a bit more of a niche being a purge and I think abilities like that can be pretty fun.
      And finally, a reminder of when non-elite PvP ensembles will become available: